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To state school sup­porter, you sound like the usual trailer trash par­ent who sends their kids to state schools so you don’t have to pay any­thing to­wards your kids ed­u­ca­tion. No doubt you sit at home unem­ployed and re­ceiv­ing cen­tre­link as­sis­tance. Surely if par­ents want to send their kids to a dif­fer­ent and some­times bet­ter school it is no busi­ness of yours. LS. Bush­land Beach re ev­ery sin­gle cent state school adale. i put $ away each wk so i can af­ford for my kids to go to a priv school, not to ‘‘ meet so called right peo­ple’’ but to get the best ed­u­ca­tion i can give them. i don’t have $ to spare but i be­lieve in pay­ing my way. don’t gen­er­alise. i’m happy for all schools to re­ceive equal amounts from govt – ru also happy to pay more for your school fees? Dee Rwood To those who think the gov should not give $ sup­port to all schools, con­sider this – With­out Cath and in­dep schools, the gov could not pos­si­bly fund & sup­port the hun­dreds more schools needed if the in­dep & cath schools had to close due to fund­ing! Brenda – Ras­mussen State school sup­porter I went to a state school and so did my chil­dren but have seen this de­bate be­fore and I think its cheaper for the gov to help the pri­vate schools then what it is for the gov to buy the land and build a new school and have to keep adding to them as the pop­u­la­tion grows. N, 4811 Re State School Sup­porter, Adale. I would love to have kept my son in a state school with his friends but he has spe­cial needs and the state school sys­tem couldn’t care less. In­stead I work to pay pri­vate school fees so I can give him a bet­ter chance in his al­ready chal­leng­ing life. Strug­gling Mum, BG. Is State School Sup­porter sug­gest­ing stu­dents at re­li­gious schools are some­how ‘‘ not as Aus­tralian’’ as other kids and there­fore not de­serv­ing of the best ed­u­ca­tion avail­able? A lot of graves in Gal­lipoli, the West­ern Front, PNG and Viet­nam hold the bones of ex-stu­dents of Aus­tralian re­li­gious schools. Sup­porter of All Good Schools 4814 Lis­ten 2 u State School Sup­porter bet u went 2 pub­lic school u bo­gan minde per­son i 4 1 do pay my child’s pri­vate school fees an proud 2 do it so my son dnt hav 2 deal with a lot of da skanky lil girls out there an con­cen­trate on wat he goes 2 school for not 2 so­cialise an stuff up no con­trol wake up 2 ur­self we get wat we pay for good ed­u­ca­tion. State school em­ployee

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