Treat­ing nappy rash can be time- con­sum­ing

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four-month-old has had a ter­ri­ble nappy rash for about three weeks now. I’ve put three dif­fer­ent creams and powder on it but it doesn’t seem to be im­prov­ing. How can I get rid of it? HG

most com­mon cause of nappy rash in ba­bies is ir­ri­ta­tion. Con­stant mois­ture and rub­bing can cause dam­age to the skin. This is fur­ther ir­ri­tated by bac­te­ria, yeasts ( eg can­dida or thrush), de­ter­gents, urine ( wee) and fae­ces ( poo).

Nappy rash is made worse by: runny, loose fae­ces ( di­ar­rhoea), not chang­ing the nappy of­ten enough and plas­tic pants. Most chil­dren grow out of nappy rash Care at home: A good qual­ity dis­pos­able nappy is best. These al­low the mois­ture to be ab­sorbed quickly, keep­ing the skin dry. While cloth nap­pies are good for the en­vi­ron­ment, they do not take up mois­ture as well as dis­pos­able nap­pies.

Nap­pies should be changed of­ten ( about 5-7 times a day in ba­bies un­der 12 months), re­duc­ing the con­tact of urine and fae­ces with the skin.

At each nappy change your baby’s bot­tom should be gen­tly wiped with cot­ton wool or ‘‘ Chux’’ type cloths, damp­ened with luke-warm wa­ter. Baby wipes can be quite ir­ri­tat­ing and should not be used.

A bar­rier cream should be thickly ap­plied at each nappy change. This will pre­vent the mois­ture and ir­ri­tants from reach­ing the skin. Zinc cream is the best or white soft paraf­fin. If the cream wipes off too eas­ily, try an­other brand be­cause the idea is to cre­ate a bar­rier. These creams are avail­able from your phar­macy, or may be pre­scribed by your doc­tor.

Try to let your child have as much time with­out the nappy on as pos­si­ble.

Tal­cum powder should not be used on nappy rash.

Many rashes can oc­cur in the nappy area and may not be due to nap­pies. Some con­di­tions ( such as eczema or a skin in­fec­tion) which can be found on any area of the body, do not re­spond to the treat­ment for nappy rash. If the rash is not im­prov­ing, see your lo­cal doc­tor. Email your ques­tions to aboutababy@ townsville­bul­letin. com. au. Donna Gan­dini is a gen­eral and neona­tal pae­di­a­tri­cian and breast­feed­ing ad­viser. Con­tact her at 4778 4581, at Health and Well­be­ing North Ward or at the Fair­field Waters Med­i­cal Cen­tre. Treat­ment / prepa­ra­tions: A mix­ture you can make your­self putting 10 per cent of olive oil in zinc paste

In per­sis­tent nappy rash that does not re­spond to nappy creams, a med­i­cated cream such as an an­ti­fun­gal ( eg Canesten, Dak­tarin, Nys­tatin) or hy­dro­cor­ti­sone ( eg Sig­ma­cort 1%) may be nec­es­sary. Do not use any stronger cor­ti­sone creams in this area un­less your doc­tor tells you to

An­ti­sep­tics should not be used on nappy rash

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