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heard other mums say they know how to de­ter­mine why their baby is cry­ing ( hun­gry, tired, etc). I can’t tell what my three­week-old wants when he cries. Any ad­vice on how I can start to as­cer­tain which cry means tired or hun­gry?

New Mum, Aitken­vale cer­tainly is a bit of a blur in the first six weeks when try­ing to man­age a new­born. Best ad­vice I can give on your new­born’s cries is to es­tab­lish a rou­tine and then watch and lis­ten for your baby’s cries and get to know the dif­fer­ent cries for the dif­fer­ent rea­sons.

For a 3-6 week old, I would sat­is­fied and they will re­turn to the bot­tle to feed much bet­ter.

Once they have fully fed, they will be sleepy, suck­ing re­leases hor­mones in your baby’s brain to make them re­lax, thus why they like to suck and fall asleep. So by 40-50 min­utes upon wak­ing, be sure to place your baby sleepy but awake in their cot, the ma­jor­ity of times and they will soon learn to fall asleep on their own with­out any drama. This is called self set­tling. There are many ben­e­fits to this skill, the main one be­ing able to stir and put them­selves back to sleep with­out you be­ing re­quired to do ‘‘ any­thing’’. Once your baby has fallen asleep a sleep cy­cle will last about 40 min­utes. At this 40 min­utes your baby is likely to stir, mur­mur, maybe even cry out for a few min­utes but if left to their own skills, will drift off back to sleep for an­other 40 min­utes. The same will be re­peated again at 40 min­utes and again. This is how your baby will learn to sleep for Email your ques­tions to aboutababy@ townsville­bul­letin. com. au. Ni­cole Pierotti is a child psy­chol­o­gist who spe­cialises in work­ing with ba­bies and chil­dren. She is an ex­pert in help­ing solve sleep­ing prob­lems. Ni­cole runs work­shops for ex­pec­tant par­ents on how to man­age new­born ba­bies and es­tab­lish great sleep­ing pat­terns. To make an ap­point­ment, con­tact Ni­cole at Lis­ter House Con­sult­ing Suites, Mater, Hyde Park on 4724 2600 or visit www. babysmiles. com. au. longer than a 40 minute nap.

A lot of par­ents make the mis­take of think­ing their baby is fin­ished their sleep and rush in at the 40 minute mark and lift them. Within a few min­utes their baby is com­plain­ing and this re­ally is about the lack of good solid sleep so if this hap­pens re­set­tle and let them com­plete more sleep.

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