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LA­BOR ,par­tic­u­larly Wayne Swan, is run­ning the ar­gu­ment that the car­bon price is not a car­bon tax be­cause it is not de­ducted from your pay packet.

An ex­am­ple of Swan’s state­ments to the press is: ‘‘ I ac­cept that there’s a lot of con­fu­sion about the fact that we are bring­ing in an in­terim price, which peo­ple de­scribe as a car­bon tax, but it doesn’t op­er­ate like a tra­di­tional tax . . . it is not de­ducted from your pay packet, it comes from the big pol­luters . . . but the fact is that Mr Hockey’s de­scrip­tion and Mr Ab­bott’s de­scrip­tion of a car­bon tax is ab­so­lutely in­cor­rect.’’

Us­ing his rea­son­ing that the car­bon price is not a tax be­cause it does not come out of pay pack­ets, Mr Swan vig­or­ously ac­cuses Tony Ab­bott and the Op­po­si­tion of ly­ing about the car­bon price be­ing a car­bon tax.

Mr Swan’s rea­son­ing that a car­bon price is not a car­bon tax is a mat­ter of point­less po­lit­i­cal se­man­tics.

The re­sult is that it will be a cost to all busi­nesses and tax­pay­ers; hence it is best de­scribed as a tax.

Con­sider the fol­low­ing list of taxes, State and Fed­eral, that do not come out of pay pack­ets: Cap­i­tal Gains Tax; Lux­ury Car Tax; Pe­tro­leum Re­sources Rent Tax; Gam­bling Turnover Tax; Pay Roll Tax; Wine Equalis- ation Tax and the pro­posed Min­er­als Re­source Rent Tax.

This is not an ex­haus­tive list, it is only a sam­ple of taxes that are called taxes, even though they are not de­ducted from pay pack­ets.

Ev­ery­one ac­knowl­edges the above as be­ing taxes and they are le­git­i­mately re­ferred to as taxes by all sides of pol­i­tics.

Will Mr Swan now claim that any­one who refers to these taxes as taxes is ly­ing and mis­lead­ing the pub­lic be­cause these taxes are not de­ducted from pay pack­ets?

Will he set up a com­mit­tee to re­name the afore­men­tioned as not be­ing taxes be­cause they are not de- ducted from pay pack­ets?

No, be­cause do­ing that would be as ridicu­lous as claim­ing that the car­bon price is not a tax on all Aus­tralians.

Mr Swan, in­stead of putting your ef­forts into try­ing to re­de­fine the car­bon price as any­thing but a tax and ac­cus­ing the Op­po­si­tion of ly­ing when they call it a tax, and be­fore you make a fi­nal de­ci­sion on the price of car­bon ( aka car­bon tax), put your ef­forts into giv­ing us real de­tails on the im­pacts of a car­bon price to en­able the Aus­tralian peo­ple to put for­ward some real feed­back. BARRY LOWE,


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