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To LS Bush­land Beach, my chil­dren go to a state school and I am at no means a trailer trash par­ent. I am em­ployed and dont get any cen­tre­link ben­e­fits. Sounds to me like you are more trailer trash than many, speak­ing like that! MB Blue­wa­ter In­ter­est­ing that only one letter ac­tu­ally ad­dressed the is­sue of fed­eral fund­ing for state schools, with the rest sim­ply re­ly­ing on abuse. I won­der what the many, many suc­cess­ful peo­ple who re­ceived state school ed­u­ca­tions, and the par­ents of Townsville state school stu­dents, think of be­ing told they are bo­gans and skanks? ( your words not mine) I think you have proved my point for me. State School Sup­porter adale I went 2 a state school and a pri­vate school, re­alise the lat­ter was a waste of money 4 my folks. My sons went to 7 dif­fer­ent state schools and had a great time. Both ended up smarter than me ... go fig­ure Pa­trick 4812 To LS Bushy Beach, your state­ment of state school par­ents be­ing trailer trash is way be­yond of­fen­sive and you have no right to say those things, I hope your golden egg turns to stone and you end up pen­ni­less. BH4817

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