Honda’s In­sight hy­brid is aimed at fam­i­lies, writes NEIL DOWL­ING

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CAR stuff is full of acronyms, num­bers, dec­i­mal points and funny words. For once, I’m tak­ing most of the num­bers out of the story be­cause they prob­a­bly won’t thrill you as much as the one I leave in — 1017. That is the the­o­ret­i­cal an­nual sav­ing, in dol­lars, of a Honda In­sight Hy­brid’s fuel bill com­pared with the av­er­age an­nual fuel cost. That’s $ 1017 or, to be pre­cise, $ 1017.75 and that’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween Aus­tralia’s 11.1 litres/ 100km ve­hi­cle av­er­age and the In­sight’s on-test 5.2 litres/ 100km ( not Honda’s claimed av­er­age and un­leaded petrol at $ 1.15 a litre. you’d be driv­ing a car that could just make you feel greener than Ker­mit. But is there a hid­den cost? Hmmm. It’s rel­a­tively cheap at $ 29,990 plus on-road costs and I got 5.2 litres/ 100km in the sub­urbs with­out re­ally try­ing. Honda claims 4.6 litres/ 100km which is pos­si­ble in ideal con­di­tions that, un­for­tu­nately, we don’t live in. The hatch­back is com­fort­able, ver­sa­tile and roomy and al­though in striv­ing to beat the bowser it strikes a cou­ple of speed bumps,

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