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Re tay­lah and the ear­ring saga. i would think that ear­rings would at­tract more at­ten­tion to her ears. rules are rules. you agreed to them when you en­rolled in the school not wear­ing her hair up may be an op­tion ann tsv To tay­lah. Turn your tv on sweet­heart. Take a good look at the dis­as­ters and loss of life be­ing shown. Then take your ear­rings out, stop your stupid pout­ing, and go to school. If that is as bad as your life gets then you are go­ing to have a charmed life. Get some per­spec­tive in your life! Pretty sure the ear­ring rule is in most if not all schools. And was there long be­fore you turned up! Bid, mount louisa. Matt 4810. It’s your type of, I know my rights an­ar­chy, that makes en­cour­ag­ing teenagers to be a re­spect­ing part of so­ci­ety so much harder than it needs to be for par­ents and teach­ers alike. We all have rights. Re­mem­ber though, we all have re­spon­si­bil­i­ties as well, that is far more im­por­tant for a civilised so­ci­ety. RD 4818 Rules are rules no mat­ter what . Rules keep us all safe and ear­rings are dan­ger­ous ac­ces­sories. Schools have rules to pro­tect stu­dents. Granny 4812 Hey ear­ring mum how could hav­ing that many ear­rings di­vert at­ten­tion to me it would bring more at­ten­tion good on pim­lico rules are rules and go­ing to the pa­per will now give tay­lah more at­ten­tion wake up PIM­LICO MUM Why shld schools change the rules 4 one child? Its just so silly that is even mak­ing the news! Her mother needs to pull her head in! Teach­ing her child to try to cover up a part of their body they do not like. Good on the school for their ac­tions. Stick with the rules! T 4810 Ms Wil­liams. U need to learn that teach­ers are not stu­dents and have ev­ery right as adults to wear more than one pair of earn­ings. Teach­ers have been to school and fol­lowed the rules, your daugh­ter should do the same. Daz kir­wan Pim­lico SHS is a great school that has a uni­form pol­icy that ap­plies to all stu­dents. If you don’t agree with the pol­icy, then per­haps you need to go to an­other school. Par­ents send their kids to Pim­lico be­cause it does en­force it’s rules. Deb 4814 Great work Bully! Yet again you pan­der to a school­girl and her mother who refuse to ac­cept bound­aries! Do you have noth­ing bet­ter to re­port on? Page 1 news! Are you se­ri­ous? Sylvia Kir­wan. Would like to see pierc­ing kid’s mum front up to an em­ployer with one! don’t care how smart she is – you let one bend the rules then they all have a face full of metal n there’s no go­ing back! Ks 4816 The kid has pierc­ings be­cause her ears look a bit dif­fer­ent? Isn’t that the point? Don’t think my mum would have fallen for that one! Front page news! Come on tb lift ur game! Not a bo­gan 4816 Stick to your poli­cies Pim­lico! You want your daugh­ter to at­tend and reap the ben­e­fits of one of the bet­ter schools here Kristy then abide by the uni­form pol­icy you signed in­stead of look­ing for ways around it. There are plenty of other schools here, find one that al­lows mul­ti­ple ear pierc­ings! and is this the only big news to­day Bul­letin? Big new press go­ing to waste on rub­bish like this. JB 4818. Typ­i­cal of the bul­letin to blow is­sues out of pro­por­tion. Front page story for girl who dis­agrees with a sen­si­ble school pol­icy? Get real bul­letin. Ex-pim­lico stu­dent Well done Bul­letin and tay­lah’s mum, if peo­ple weren’t look­ing at tay­lah’s ears be­fore, they sure as hell will now. KM 4812

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