Abuse un­jus­ti­fied

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CIVIL lib­er­tar­i­ans con­trib­ute so much to our so­ci­ety! The Queens­land Coun­cil of Civil Lib­er­ties is made up, gen­er­ally, of mem­bers of the legal pro­fes­sion.

They have a def­i­nite in­ter­est in cer­tain legal de­ci­sions, and the ef­fect that these have on prece­dent.

Some­times they are right, and are pro­tect­ing our civil lib­er­ties ( and God know our lib­er­ties need pro­tect­ing from gov­ern­ment).

But in this case, they’re wrong, and are aid­ing in the break­down of law and or­der ( per­haps that is the ob­jec­tive?). To call some­one a white C** t, de­pend­ing on in­flec­tion, is highly in­sult- ing. To abuse peo­ple go­ing to your aid and ac­cuse them of racism be­cause you hap­pen to iden­tify with a par­tic­u­lar eth­nic group is even more in­sult­ing. The use of such lan­guage is cor­ro­sive to good or­der in so­ci­ety, and is an­other ex­am­ple of a lack of re­spect for oth­ers. It is pre­sumed that in this case there may have been a cer­tain level of in­tox­i­ca­tion and/ or drug abuse in­volved given the age of the de­fen­dant, the time, cir­cum­stances and lo­ca­tion of the of­fence.

To take the Coun­cil of Civil Lib­er­ties ar­gu­ment this lan­guage is not of­fen­sive to its logic con­clu­sion, would Michael Cope find ad­dress­ing a so­lic­i­tor or judge, with hos­til­ity as a F*** ing White C** t ac­cept­able in court?

If yes it is ob­vi­ously not of­fen­sive lan­guage. If no, it is of­fen­sive, Mr Cope.

Po­lice are not there to be abused, they are not there to be as­saulted. They have taken the right ac­tion in pro­tect­ing this man who promptly ac­cused them of racism and used ob­scene lan­guage ( and Mr Cope you jump to his de­fence in us­ing such lan­guage?)

Would you ac­cept this lan­guage around your chil­dren? Your wife? No.

Then it is of­fen­sive lang- uage, with a racist over­tone.

This sort of lan­guage is heard way too of­ten in our so­ci­ety. Par­ents are fail­ing to in­still in their chil­dren re­spect for oth­ers.

To be re­spected you must show re­spect. Go around town late at night, and you will hear youths car­ol­ing out this lan­guage as oth­ers try to sleep.

It brings no credit on them. It is of­fen­sive.

The courts are there to up­hold the stan­dards ex­pected by so­ci­ety in these mat­ters. Congratulations to Mag­is­trate Rod Mas­den. CHRIS EAS­TAUGHFFE,


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