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RE: Tay­lah’s ear­rings. Pim­lico has a lot of rules. Some good some bad. I am a stu­dent there my­self. I have nice nails and like paint­ing them. Re­cently they told me if i didn’t take it off they would can­cel my en­rol­ments. My nails weren’t af­fect­ing my learn­ing or hurt­ing me or any­one else. Yes i have a job and ev­ery­one said they like my nails so work didn’t mind. That rule is bit far. Also saw stu­dent to­day get­ting yelled at for brightly coloured shoe laces which come with the shoes. He was given de­ten­tion and will con­tinue to be given it un­til he gets other laces. But is the school go­ing to re­im­burse him for laces. Most likely no. Hid­ing surgery scars is a rea­son­able ex­cuse for ear­rings as she feels un­com­fort­able any other way. I have to wear a bio-mag­netic bracelet for mi­nor arthri­tis caused by crack­ing my knuck­les. It’s a med­i­cal rea­son like tay­lah’s and i have been told to re­move. I give my sup­port to tay­lah be­cause at least she is feel­ing com­fort­able with her­self and has more con­fi­dence than with­out the ear­rings. Way to go tay­lah. Pimmy stu­dent 4817. Re ear­ring de­bate, rules r made to be bro­ken then dont go to school stuff them we was not told we couldnt wear ear­rings to school male or fe­male we all did. u r ur own per­son lad mt louisa

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