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Mr Cope please tell me where you work so I can come and call you a c## t surely you won’t be of­fended. Thanks to Mag­is­trate Mad­sen for try­ing to main­tain com­mu­nity stan­dards WR 4810 I whole­heart­edly dis­agree with Civil Lib­er­tar­ian Michael Cope, ‘‘ Po­lice must toughen up’’ ( TB 17.3.11) I have ab­so­lutely no time for civil lib­er­tar­i­ans, be­cause I blame them for the so­cial mess we’re in now, and the fact it’s well known that their sym­pa­thy is al­ways with the crim, and never with the vic­tim. A po­lice­man’s job is never easy, yet they go ahead and do it any­way, re­gard­less of be­ing punched, spat on, and sworn at. Seems quite in­cred­i­ble that the un­grate­ful mon­grel who swore at the 2 po­lice, should have thanked them, for try­ing to save him from an an­gry mob. D. Bil­ton w. e How about ‘‘ civil lib­er­tar­i­ans’’ teach those mem­bers of so­ci­ety that think it is all right 2 swear at po­lice of­fi­cer some man­ners. So­ci­ety showed re­spect 2 the boys and girls in blue years ago, but this gen­er­a­tion – not all, think it is all right 2 swear at po­lice – usin the c word. Not a good word. Phill. 4818 Re, po­lice must toughen up. Michael Cope you are an id­iot, it is at­ti­tudes such as yours that is caus­ing the degra­da­tion of our so­ci­ety. Re­spect is sadly lack­ing to­day, not only for po­lice but for each other. I am no an­gel but had re­spect for the po­lice. They do NOT have to ex­pect this be­hav­iour as ‘‘ part of the job’’, what a stupid thing to say. Boof­head 4810 Michael Cope get f@# ked you c@* t. Sorry hope i didnt of­fend you! B P 4805 Civil lib­er­tar­i­ans should f@& k off. Why should peo­ple com­mit­ting crimes have more rights than the vic­tims or the up­hold­ers of the law. Why lower com­mu­nity stan­dards even fur­ther. Ben. Kir­wan Michael Cope, wud u b so ac­cept­ing of ppls bad lan­guage if u were on the re­ceiv­ing end & while u were do­ing ur job? Wud u ac­cept be­ing called a c** t in ev­ery­day talk. It is only a word, but it has a whole lot of nas­ti­ness at­tached 2 it. Good on the Mag­is­trate I say, who has drawn a line. Self re­spect is dy­ing out. Wil­low 4810 Michael Cope, peo­ple like you are the rea­son we have grubs like that run­ning around, maybe the po­lice should have let him get a good kick­ing, might learn some re­spect. Wayne 4814 Re court ban­ning swearing against of­fi­cers of the law. Great job! The po­lice do so much for our so­ci­ety and a lot of cit­i­zens take them for granted. Just like to say to all mem­bers of the po­lice force, I love your work and you all do a fan­tas­tic job

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