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Proud pri­vate school mum, you have got to be kid­ding mak­ing out pri­vate school stu­dents are an­gels and state ones mon­sters, when I went to school pri­vate school boys were some of the big­gest de­viants and the girls were the most sex­u­ally ac­tive – pri­vate school stu­dents an­gels are not. BH4817. Oh dear State School Sup­porter. That txt on thurs­day by ‘‘ D Ayr’’ would have left a cold shiver up ur spine! I can just c that de­flated look on ur face. I had a gig­gle 2 my­self. Mel 4812 So you don’t think pri­vate schools should get any tax­payer fund­ing? Un­der that flawed logic, pri­vate school par­ents and non par­ents would not pay tax to­wards state schools. Pri­vate school par­ents are al­ready pay­ing twice, why are ss par­ents whinge­ing? Tax should be dis­trib­uted fairly to all schools. Me, Tsv Pri­vate or pub­lic? I think the de­bate started about fund­ing. If its pri­vate it should be pri­vately funded not sub­sidised 50 per cent by the tax­payer Nor­mal 4812

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