Who is the bully?

Townsville Bulletin - - Voice Of The North - opin­ion Chris Eas­taughffe, Wood­stock

HAS the world gone mad? The mother of the young thug caught on cam­era and posted on YouTube ( TB March 17,) be­lieves her fam­ily is en­ti­tled to an apol­ogy from the big­ger kid that her son was as­sault­ing.

For those that missed it, her Year 7 son was punch­ing an older boy in the face and stom­ach, with re­peated blows and ap­peared to be goad­ing the older boy, at a pri­vate school. The smaller child ap­peared to be big not­ing him­self in front of his au­di­ence. The older boy ap­peared ill-equipped to re­spond to the at­tack, not rais­ing his arms nor strik­ing back. Even­tu­ally the vic­tim grabbed his an­tag­o­nist, lifted him up phys­i­cally and threw him to the ground.

No w t h e y o u n g b u l l i e s ’ mother is shocked at her son’s b e h a v i o u r a s s h e a l wa y s brought her chil­dren up to walk away from fights. Some­one should ex­plain to her a fight is gen­er­ally con­sid­ered a two-sided con­test. This was bul­ly­ing. Bul­ly­ing has a dif­fere nt mind s e t . Con­ven­tion would have it the larger child would be bul­ly­ing the smaller child, but here is a case, with video footage, that at­tacks that as­sump­tion.

The mother of the bully is now claim­ing that she, and her fam­ily, are be­ing vic­timised by

BUL­LY­ING BE­HAV­IOUR: Two stu­dents were in­volved in an al­ter­ca­tion which went vi­ral the footage. She be­lieves that her son is en­ti­tled to an apol­ogy from the youth he was as­sault­ing at school! I think there is a sim­ple de­duc­tion here that may in­di­cate where the prob­lem lies, and it may not be with the son.

And be­low that ar­ti­cle is an­other lit­tle bead of inspiration.

T h e A u s t r a l i a n F e d e r a l Po­lice had to quell a riot at a de­ten­tion cen­tre on Christ­mas Is­land. They used bean bag bul­lets, some­thing con­sid­ered a non-lethal use of force. It will bruise, and cause pain. Now, refugee sup­port groups are protest­ing the use of these items, but staying silent about the be­hav­iour of the de­tainees. The de­tainees chose to by­pass the cor­rect pro­ce­dure to ap­ply for en­try, to short­cut the sys­tem. They must wait while all proper en­quiries and checks are made, t o ver­ify t heir sto­ries. Ap­par­ently, this is not ac­cept­able.

The politi­cians got in­volved a n d n e g o t i a t e d f o r s o me pro­tes­tors to travel to the main­land.

We now have a worse sit­u­a­tion with pro­tes­tors set­ting fire to the fa­cil­ity.

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