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LUV LUV LUV!! The new de­liv­ery wrap­ping method. Have arthri­tis in hands and now I can ac­tu­ally col­lect and read the pa­per my­self, with­out need­ing hubby’s help to un­roll and flat­ten the old way. Also, pa­per stays per­fectly dry. DO NOT CHANGE THIS NEW WAY.... it’s per­fect! :-) Lynn Heat­ley call them PRI­VATE schools any­more . Let’s call them all gov­ern­ment schools. Lol . I know how that would go down. Btw all teach­ers go to the same unis. They are all great and none are more im­por­tant than oth­ers. Mum. Townsville Why should bul­lies be sus­pended or have the day off to­day. If schools stopped hand­ing out sus­pen­sion and in­stead had a tru­ancy class for the term of the sus­pen­sion whereby they would write lines or other such me­nial bor­ing tasks maybe they would wake up to them­selves. Sus­pen­sions aren’t work­ing. Time for other so­lu­tions. Ben. Kir­wan Our politi­cians live in a par­al­lel uni­verse. We keep hear­ing the ‘‘ car­bon tax" will en­cour­age our man­u­fac­tur­ers to go green. What man­u­fac­tur­ers? Have they tried to buy Aussie made lately? I’ve spent hours look­ing and its all made in

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