Why save?

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When you get money, whether it is from a part time job, a gift or pocket money the ex­cite­ment of be­ing able to spend it can eas­ily over­rule sav­ing it. And while you need money to buy ev­ery­day items it ’s also im­por­tant you save some money too. Maybe you want some­thing that’s quite ex­pen­sive like an ipod or a new con­sole game, so you’ll need to save up all the money you re­ceive for a cou­ple of months to aff ord it. But even when there isn’t some­thing you re­ally want it ’s still im­por­tant to put some of the money you earn away where you can’t ac­cess it eas­ily – like a sav­ings ac­count. Then when you do de­cide on some­thing you re­ally want you have al­ready started sav­ing!

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