Cow­boys lack­ing men­tal strength

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LIKE Mr Betts (TB, 21/3/11), I have long re­sisted writ­ing to the Bully.

My fears that the Bron­cos win had gone to the play­ers’ heads and they would put up a poor show­ing against the Knights were re­alised dur­ing the first 20 min­utes of last Satur­day’s game.

The play­ers are at the peak of their phys­i­cal pow­ers. They are young, fit and seem­ingly built to with­stand the rigours of weekly NRL foot­ball. I can only sur­mise that what is lack­ing in their per­for­mances is men­tal strength. I don’t know what goes on in pre­sea­son train­ing aside from the ob­vi­ous, but is any em­pha­sis placed on strength­en­ing the mind?

I re­call be­fore the Ashes se­ries in 2006 that the Aus­tralian cricket team en­gaged in a mil­i­tary-style boot camp dur­ing which, ac­cord­ing to Google, they were ‘‘ asked to per­form highly com­plex and de­mand­ing ac­tiv­i­ties un­der se­vere sen­sory stress’’. We all know the re­sult of that se­ries – 5-0. Part of that re­sult could surely be put down to men­tal tough­ness.

With Townsville be­ing a de­fence town, ar­rang­ing such a t hing would be blind­ingly easy. I’ll stand cor­rected if this has been tried be­fore in a pre-sea­son.

If it did, I ex­pect it may have been in the glory days of 2004, 2005 and 2007 and, if so, why was it dis­con- tin­ued? I’ve never played a com­pet­i­tive game of foot­ball. For 13 years though, I en­gaged in a sport with as much em­pha­sis on men­tal for­ti­tude as phys­i­cal abil­ity.

The mind is a pow­er­ful thing. Take the tales of sur­vival that in­vari­ably come out of any disas­ter.

A com­mon thread is that t he s ur­vivor/ s adopt a strong men­tal attitude that they will get through the sit­u­a­tion. DAN SAMP­SON,

Mount Louisa.

Show sup­port

I AGREE with Cliff Betts we do de­serve some an­swers. Why did Cow­boys man­age- ment say no to Wayne Bennett?

There is some­thing very wrong with this pic­ture. On pa­per our boys have the abil­ity to blow any team off the park. We’ve seen them do it. Abil­ity is not the is­sue. It ap­pears that team morale and con­fi­dence is at an all­time low.

As fans, we can get be­hind our team. Let the boys know we are there. Don’t leave the game early, no mat­ter what the score­board says. We need to stick with them through thick and thin. One or­di­nary game does not mean an or­di­nary sea­son. It’s all up from here. KAREN DAVIES,


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