Blame your­self, not God

Townsville Bulletin - - Voice Of The North -

THANK you for your en­light­en­ing com­ments re­gard­ing the pur­pose and meth­ods of God.

If these are an in­di­ca­tion of your in­tel­li­gence, and knowl­edge of God, how it works, what he is to blame for etc, then your ar­ti­cle should be com­mended.

How­ever, quite clearly you have no idea what you are talk­ing about.

Why don’t you put the bl ame f or s uch events, where it should go? For the past 3000 years the Bi­ble has warned such events will oc­cur.

The enor­mous amount of warn­ing pales into in­sig- nif­i­cance when com­pared to your in­fan­tile wis­dom. Sorry, I meant in­fi­nite.

So, how is it that you, along with many oth­ers, now claim to be sur­prised?

The rea­son is that through­out his­tory, there have al­ways been mis­in­formed, uneducated, asi­nine, in­di­vid­u­als such as your­self, who be­lieve they have all the an­swers.

In­stead of blam­ing God, you might try blam­ing your­self.

Why the news­pa­per would ac­tu­ally print your rub­bish, is be­yond me. Grow up! F. B. HOL­L­I­DAY,


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