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Just shows how bad the Broncs played in round one, made the Cow­girls look good, well not ac­tu­ally good, but handed them a thing rarer than a chicken’s tooth – a win. Pete, 4810 Well said Chantell, Cow­boys need more sup­port­ers like you, for all those neg­a­tive sup­port­ers show some real faith and give them a chance. As for say­ing JT is over-rated and only shines at state level, he is one of the best and it does show when he has the sup­port of his team. Per­fect ex­am­ple, look at Greg Inglis’s form this year. Stop rub­bish­ing them and be­come a real sup­porter. Win, lose or draw Cow­boys are my team and it’s my dream to see them at the top. Kim, Ras­mussen Left Cow­boys game early as a grey wall erected in front of the east stand made it im­pos­si­ble to see. Very an­gry, un­happy sea­sonticket holder. Edith, Kir­wan Cow­boys, I am sick and tired of be­ing sick and tired of watch­ing the Cow­boys do the same thing all the time that makes them lose, and I’m sick and tired of all the fans and peo­ple and ex­perts say­ing what they should do to win that doesn’t make any sense. Here is the so­lu­tion: at­tack in de­fence and at­tack when we have the ball. It is a ma­tres-gain game. If you look closely you will al­ways see Cow­boys run up and stop in de­fence which al­lows the op­po­si­tion to make me­tres and they do the same in at­tack with the ball, mak­ing no me­tres. Also, every­time there is a penalty in range, we have a sharp-shooter – use him. I’ve seen us lose so many games from not tak­ing it. It’s all sim­ple math­e­mat­ics. I can do a pow­erpoint on it all and prove it. Should I show the Cow­boys? Plenty of my mates want me to. Fr­ogy, 4818 For Cow­boys fans want­ing team grind to watch out a a good gutsy win, do what I in­tend to do next home game: watch the un­der-20s, then go home! Max, Kir­wan Af­ter three or four sea­sons – seems like a decade – if you add up wina­gainst-loss record, lucky Henry isn’t a race­horse he’d be bushed or sent to the meat­works. Go Dogs If re­ports are right and Big Mel has all but signed on to coach the Cow­boys but won’t un­til af­ter Ori­gin, can the Cow­boys wait that long? The year will be all but over by then. Chris, Mund­ing­burra J. L. W., agree with you, J. T. over­rated. Don’t know why they didn’t let him go. What a joke he is. Y. V., Blue­wa­ter Re Cliff Betts’s letter ( 21/ 3/ 11) re Cow­boys, spot on! Some­thing has to be done soon or at­ten­dance will be nil. Kim, Con­don Was Matt Scott at the press con­fer­ence post-Knights game? Didn’t see him there and if he wasn’t he should have been. Half the cap­taincy means half the re­spon­si­bil­ity of los­ing. Not fair if J. T. has to take own­er­ship of a loss on his own

Thurston, Bowen, Thurston, Bowen, Thurston, Bowen. No won­der they can’t win, there’s only two play­ers in the team.

John, 4812

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