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Townsville Bulletin - - Voice Of The North - opin­ion F. PETERSEN, Townsville

I WISH to ex­press my views re­gard­ing to­day’s hap­pen­ings around the world. I am 91 years old and think back to my early ages. My par­ents came from Ger­many, Dad at 20 and Mum at 18. They worked – Dad on a boat and Mum a do­mes­tic.

They met at the dances and one night Dad said to Mum, ‘ as you and I have no rel­a­tives, what about we get mar­ried’ and they did, they had a fam­ily of nine.

They were won­der­ful par­ents and we lived to God’s com­mand­ments. With five boys and four girls, we had lit­tle money, lived on a cane farm and grew ev­ery­thing to eat.

The boys were all ed­u­cated as fathers and they were the bread win­ners. Moth­ers were house­keep­ers and we were such a happy fam­ily.

I only heard my fa­ther swear when the horses played up.

We all had our jobs to do and no man ever worked harder than our Dad. We all loved him, he was 101 when he died, mum died at 93.

As a teenager we did all the dances and had par­ties in the yard, no beer though or dances af­ter 12pm. You said good­night and went home happy. At 19 my sis­ter and I went to Mel­bourne to work for two years – we did ev­ery­thing and had a won­der­ful time with friends.

Be­fore Christ­mas my nephew in Home Hill rang one day be­cause he had a man from Mel­bourne that wanted to talk to me.

He told him I was his dance part­ner 72 years ago. We had a great chat and said we didn’t need to be drunk to have a great time and it was great to be re­mem­bered in a nice way.

I won­der how much worse so­ci­ety can get. Women work like men, men have lit­tle re­spect for their sex and bad liv­ing seems the way to go, no mar­riage first, just live to­gether.

I think it is par­ents who need to be ed­u­cated on how to love and care for chil­dren. What teach­ers cop from kids to­day, I have six nieces and neph­ews who are teach­ers and good ones. My great grand­chil­dren have to sit in the naughty chair un­til they say sorry and they all seem to be good kids af­ter­wards. I al­ways told my sons that the only time to be afraid of the po­lice and me was if they did the wrong thing. They now have good fam­i­lies.

A bi­ble state­ment that God’s wrath will be vis­ited on the wicked­ness and looks like it now, not one gov­ern­ment keeps God’s com­mand­ments.

Greed for money is the main cause of crime now. I counted 69 rel­a­tives and to my knowl­edge there was not one crim­i­nal among them.

We never felt like it was hard to live a happy life.

This is just my thoughts and I hope I haven’t bored you but maybe more pa­pers and mag­a­zines should print these rules. At my age I will be happy to die as a happy old cit­i­zen and have spo­ken how I feel.

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