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The AFL sea­son kicks off this week­end so in­stead of writ­ing re­ports bout a strug­gling Cow­boys side, how about more news bout the AFL. Mitch. Kir­wan. Box­ing fan we should have our say 2. Box­ing is a good sport its helps young ppl n older ppl get fit + you learn to hav re­spect 4 ur fel­low man. But da most im­por­tant thing you learn is to fight 1 on 1. And not to fight in a gang. So why isn’t there more cov­er­age in da me­dia. TV, ra­dio, news­pa­per. Come on ppl da sport of box­ing needs ur sup­port. So ppl can u pls help out ur lo­cal box­ing club and box­ers. Well at least recog­nise da hard work box­ers must do b 4 they can fight. It’s not easy to jump in da ring and fight when you got ppl watch­ing you. Thx you – Mark. Tsv 4810 Poor ole Croc, lost count of the times he’s had his tail drag­ging be­tween his legs when the team have lost, but when they’ve won and he’s ram­pant, the NBL protest, nice one NBL. Go Croc, keep it up!! dm 4818 Clip­sal 500 Ade­laide – Well done to young sexy Townsville brut ute driver Graham Ed­wards. Once again you did us proud on the week­end and showed us you are a cham­pion in the mak­ing. Your ded­i­ca­tion and great de­ter­mi­na­tion is some­thing truly to be ad­mired. I know you have the mak­ings of a true cham­pion and time is on your side. We are all here to sup­port you and en­joy the ride. Thank you again for do­ing what you do best. Be­ing a great sports­man on and off the track. Good luck in your fu­ture races. Stay safe. Big fan. K. R. Adale As a Bull­dogs sup­porter. My no. 2 team is the Cow­boys. I just hope there com­ple­tion rate is over 80%, hard de­fence through out the game, last plays much more ag­gres­sive and ac­cu­rate and ev­ery player per­formed like that their life de­pended on it, week in week out. But go the Coffs Har­bour le­gends. Kg the blockie. Cow­boys lose, ap­par­ent fans bag them good on you Townsville! Maybe Cow­boys should con­sider mov­ing to a place where there is true sup­port­ers cof­fee breaker Here we go again! Didn’t take long for the Cow­boys to show the world how hope­less they are! Back to their old ways. Thurston – Hope­less, not bril­liant, he has just been lucky on the odd oc­ca­sion. Bowen – speed bump, hmmm that’s about it. Henry – thinks he is awe­some sitting up there be­hind the glass, he’s a ter­ri­ble coach, must be good bud­dies with the chair­man. Get rid of them, buy a de­cent coach, two good halves, in­stead of one ‘‘ so called’’ bril­liant half and throw Shan­non Galant in the # 1 and see a cham­pion team per­form. TC, Kir­wan Kim Ras­mussen. You’ve got to be jok­ing. How many years are sup­posed to give the Cow­boys a chance for. Are you new to town. Sue 4817 To all the haters, thursto is the man . . . If we didn’t have him we would stand no chance. If they let him go last year the Cow­boys would of been with­out a su­per­star and they would not of got an­other good half for this year . . . Be thank­ful some­one that tal­ented is here . . . All u do is whinge, how about putting some blame on the men around him . . . It’s a team sport . . . How good would they be with­out him??? Jeri­cho 4814 Re – Froggy. Mate you ob­vi­ously have no idea about rugby league. I’m not for 1 min stick­ing up for the Cow­boy’s per­for­mance but your com­ments are com­ing from a typ­i­cal lounge room spe­cial­ist. Yes you must have good line speed in de­fence but if you don’t steady your feet and bal­ance be­fore con­tact then you will be made to look like a goose. I’d in­vite you to come down to crush­ers train­ing and you can show me your way of de­fend­ing and we’ll see how it goes. I guar­an­tee it will fail. Oh and bring your power point too. Haha what a gee up. Mad Nick Kelso @ Kim Ras­mussen, you can dream all you like but re­al­ity is the cow­boys will never be on top. Tigers sup­porter, Kir­wan I was watched Ground­hog Day to­day and thought I was watch­ing the last 3 sea­sons of the Cow­boys! Awe­some! Bn tsv Bne 4810 yep I’m a whinger. The foot­ball was so crappy I had to watch the only other en­ter­tain­ment around, which was the crappy cheer­lead­ers. I should of stayed home and washed my hair. Sue 4814 I thnk the Cow­boys cheer squad are great. Much bet­ter than that fake War­riors cheers group. Tam west end. Touch fa­natic. I’m with you 100%. We just had our NQ sides away at the na­tion­als and I haven’t seen one thing about it in our lo­cal me­dia. Maybe NQ touch should try and pro­mote touch in the Bully and on the news. In the good old days we has a write up ev­ery week in the Bully. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to find some­one wor­thy of such a job in our lo­cal touch clubs who could put to­gether a weekly spruik. Touchie 4817 Some­times I won­der whether those kids that are elite in their sport re­ally love it or whether they are pushed into it by par­ents that ex­pect the world. I’ve seen some pretty un­happy kids and some pretty pushy par­ents. 4812

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