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de­bate cy­cling up again

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To Ja­son 4817, you ob­vi­ously r one of those driv­ers who thinks it amus­ing 2 cause bike rid­ers 2 ride off the road. Grow up. Your txt was pa­thetic + child­ish. ‘‘ you’re in my lane so I’m gonna has­sle u’’. Get over it. Kd 4810 To Ja­son 4817, go back to ur rd rules book cy­clists have ev­ery right to ride in the traf­fic lane, I’ll stick to the bike lane ( where they ex­ist) and send you the bills for my re­place­ment tyres each week if that will make you happy, TSV bike lanes are lit­tered with de­bris and very rarely cleaned! TAT 4814 Top logic ‘‘ R’’ from Dou­glas, steer well clear of the dan­ger­ous parked cars and closer to those do­ing 60-80 kph. Also, is it a bike ‘‘ line’’ rather than lane? Many of you seem stuck to the white strip. Matt B A’Vale To the cy­clists. Keep rid­ing on the white lines. I don’t mind. I like to drive my 4WD on the white line too. Maybe one day we’ll meet! Red­neck 4817 To all of the mo­torists whin­ing about cy­clists, what about if it was your chil­dren or fam­ily out there do­ing it for fun or fit­ness, would you like them to come home safely and not in body bag? Just think about it. 4810 Karl

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