The the­ory of ‘ Townsville 10’

Do you rate your­self highly? You’re prob­a­bly not the only one, writes

Townsville Bulletin - - Savvy - Jade Kennedy

I’ d like to in­tro­duce you to a con­cept I my­self only heard about a few weeks ago. It’s called ‘‘ the Townsville 10’’. The the­ory was brought to my at­ten­tion in the course of an on­line con­ver­sa­tion with a guy – rel­a­tively new to Townsville – which, frankly, made me raise an eye­brow.

This guy – let’s call him Brad X – made a ca­sual re­mark about ‘‘ the Townsville 10’’. That what-now? In a nut­shell, Townsville girls all have an over-in­flated ego, due to the 2: 1 ra­tio ( ap­prox­i­mately) of guys to girls here, and this the­ory as­sumes that we all con­sider our­selves a ‘ 10’ when per­haps we’re more real­is­ti­cally. . . a lot less than that. Per­haps Brad can word it bet­ter. ‘‘ Ba­si­cally women that would be be­low av­er­age in other places have far more at­ten­tion here, good for them,’’ he said.

‘‘ Just take a look at the fairly hor­ri­ble women around town dressed to kill de­spite hav­ing a body bet­ter suited for milk­ing than strut­ting. ‘‘ They’re killing it and lov­ing it. ‘‘ Av­er­age women get hit on like they are mod­els and any girl gifted with looks hides away in fear of a town full of AJs and FIFO min­ers.’’

The Townsville 10 the­ory has cre­ated quite a stir with those I’ve been brave enough to broach the sub­ject with.

Some whole­heart­edly agree, say­ing Townsville girls are ‘ stuck up’, ‘ snobby’, ‘ bitchy’, ‘ skanky’ - you name it. Oth­ers, how­ever, don’t. ‘‘ Sure, there are some skanky girls get­ting around town in their ridicu­lous stilet­tos and dresses that show ev­ery­one what they had for break­fast," said Townsville-born Casey De­laney, 25.

‘‘ From what I’ve seen, though, those girls are mostly around 19 years old, and if you watch the guys in bars they hone in on the girls like wolves on a flock of lambs.

‘‘ Nine times out of 10 you’ll then find it’s the guys with the huge egos.

‘‘ You see all sorts of unattrac­tive guys even in their 30s or 40s leer­ing over these young girls like it’s in­her­ently ob­vi­ous that the fluffy, skinny teenager in her skimpy lit­tle dress is go­ing to go for them over the buff army bloke at the other end of the bar.’’ Brad, of course, dis­agrees. ‘‘ It’s not that they chase skinny teenagers,’’ he said.

‘‘ It’s just women over 23 let them­selves go more so up here – no proof, just the vis­ual im­pres­sion that I get.

‘‘ Sounds like jeal­ous belt-un­der­boobs-to-hide-fat-gut women hav­ing a whinge.

‘‘ So­lu­tion: get your tramp on, Mad Cow it up and find out for your­self."

Casey has her own the­ory about guys like Brad.

‘‘ Let me guess – he’s a bit past his use-by date, sin­gle and lonely with a case of sour grapes,’’ she said.

‘‘ Okay, so some girls might go out wear­ing in­ap­pro­pri­ate cloth­ing or look­ing like a hot mess or go out with the in­ten­tion of scor­ing with a footy player or Amer­i­can sailor, but judg­ing the ma­jor­ity due to a small mi­nor­ity is frowned upon when it comes to any other so­cial com­men­tary – how is this any dif­fer­ent?"

As a Townsville born and bred fe­male, I had ob­vi­ously been liv­ing with my head in the sand in re­gards to the Townsville 10 the­ory – but it ex­ists in other cen­tres as well.

Rock­hamp­ton’s ver­sion of the Townsville 10 is ‘‘ Rocky Hot’’ – a guy or girl con­sid­ered ‘ hot’ in Rocky but when out of their nat­u­ral en­vi­ron­ment, in, say, Bris­bane or Syd­ney, would sadly be over­looked.

We of­ten hear de­fence per­son­nel staunchly de­fend their rep­u­ta­tion as the ma­jor­ity tend to get tarred with the same neg­a­tive brush as the mi­nor­ity – why should it be any dif­fer­ent for the girls of this city? And why is the Townsville 10 the­ory only put onto girls?

So is it re­ally a case of all Townsville girls hav­ing a su­pe­ri­or­ity com­plex? Or is the Townsville 10 the­ory com­pletely sub­jec­tive?

As the say­ing goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beer-holder...

‘‘ I can’t pick up be­cause Townsville

girls are snobs’’ ‘‘ I should be

a model’’

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