Hid­den agenda

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IT is amaz­ing that the coali­tion forces can bom­bard Libya when it is an in­ter­nal mat­ter.

Had we had the same prob­lem in Aus­tralia the gov­ern­ment would have done t he s ame to the rebels.

I am no Gaddafi lover and he de­serves what he gets but how come noth­ing is done about that other dic­ta­tor Robert Mu­gabe of Zim­babwe.

I was born and bred in Rhode­sia and left in 1980 just prior to it be­com­ing Zim­babwe.

All the in­fra­struc­ture was in 100% con­di­tion.

Lovely roads, towns and fac­to­ries all work­ing.

Went back af­ter be­com­ing an Aus­tralian cit­i­zen, in 2008 to see my best friend who had his farm taken away from him.

He is too old to move to an­other coun­try.

Should have come with the boat peo­ple.

What I ob­served, af­ter 28 years was ut­ter dev­as­ta­tion.

Roads were no bet­ter than the Bruce High­way, towns empty, shops empty, fac­to­ries rust­ing and rail­way not work­ing. Many road­blocks.

Once I was at my des­ti­na­tion and as I speak the lo­cal lan­guage, I man­aged to ob­tain the trust of many lo­cals who stated that they want to get rid of Mu­gabe but were afraid.

Now Mr Kevin Rud­dery how come you say noth­ing about this rat.

In the early 1980s he slaugh­tered over 20,000 of his op­po­si­tion but all gov­ern­ments were quiet.

Sure sort out Libya but do some­thing about the one-time bread bas­ket of Africa or are you too scared as there is no oil in that land. Dis­gusted. ROLAND DE CHAZAL,

Mag­netic Is­land.

Real rea­son

CALL me alarmist if you like, but I was won­der­ing if any­body else is con­cerned about the cur­rent in­va­sion of Libya by the US. ( Sorry the UN).

This is now the sec­ond oil rich coun­try, and the third Mid­dle East­ern coun­try that the US, ( sorry the UN) has an in­volve­ment in.

Even more wor­ry­ing, is that the UN seem more than ready to charge into any Mid­dle East con­flict, while non-oil rich conflicts are left to run along at their own pace un­til enough of a fuss is made to war­rant US at­ten­tion. ( Sorry UN).

It also seems quite strange that over the last few months we have had a num­ber of up­ris­ings in the Mid­dle East, to over­throw dic­ta­tor­ship rul­ings, all of which have re­ceived the bless­ings of Barack Obama, when the US had pre­vi­ously sup­ported the dic­ta­tor regimes. Don’t get me wrong. Some­times we must use force to pro­tect the lives of in­no­cent peo­ple against op­pres­sive dic­ta­tors and cor­rupt gov­ern­ments but while we al­low African coun­tries to prac­tice geno­cide and tear each other apart, and al­low op­pres­sive rul­ings through­out Asia, I must won­der if there is a hid­den agenda in the US’s ( UN’s) cur­rent ac­tiv­i­ties through­out the Mid­dle East. KEVIN GARTH,


Ques­tions are be­ing raised over the rea­sons be­hind Amer­ica’s in­va­sion of Libya

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