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Dogs, cats and hu­mans can all hear low­pitched sounds. But while hu­mans can hear pitches only up to 20 kHz, dogs can per­ceive sound at 45 kHz and cats can hear the squeaks of their ro­dent prey up to 64 kHz. This ul­tra­sonic hear­ing al­lows dogs to be trained with ‘‘ silent’’ whis­tles, while cats re­spond well to high voices. If you’ve won­dered how your pet al­ways hears the rus­tle of a packet, it might be be­cause their ears can be turned to cap­ture more sound. Their ears have 14 mus­cles, com­pared with hu­mans’ six. A cat’s hear­ing al­lows it to dis­tin­guish the lo­ca­tion of two ob­jects only 7.5cm apart, from the dis­tance of a me­tre – a nec­es­sary skill to lo­cate hid­den prey.

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