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It’s quite dis­turb­ing the way some mo­torists are hint­ing that they’d like to run cy­clists down, esp. the own­ers of 4 x 4s, but the real bul­lies of the road, are the driv­ers with hot­ted up cars & utes, sound­ing like a for­mula 1, they are the ones that are the most au­di­ble, usu­ally with a doof doof box, turned up full blast, ad­ver­tis­ing their un­holy pres­ence for all to hear, as if to say, " Get out of my way peas­ants, I’m com­ing through" Yeah. D. Bil­ton w. e It’s not a prob­lem shar­ing the road with the cy­clists but you ride 2 and 3 abreast and i know who go­ing to come out sec­ond best if we hit you, then the driver has to live with it for the rest of there lives . Wayne 4814 Dou­glas 4814. you are full of it, its you cy­clists that ride early hours that cause most of the prob­lems rid­ing in packs of 20 or more 3and 4 abreast and go through the red lights, and u want re­spect? Well show some to other road users and u will get some back. Frank nth ward To all of the cy­clists in townsville, there is a big dif­fer­ence be­tween the rules and com­mon sense. If a car hits you, you will be the one in hos­pi­tal or dead re­gard­less of who is in the wrong. When i used to ride my bike to school i al­ways rode on the foot­path, not the road, be­cause i was smart enough to stay as far away from cars as pos­si­ble. John, gar­butt

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