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KO. I wish yr type would en­sure yr brains were en­gaged be­fore u spruik. I know guards at the jail and none would agree with yr ridicu­lous sug­ges­tion that in­mates be left in the dark with­out dis­trac­tion of tele ect at night. This would cause fur­ther an­guish and un­rest that staff would have to deal with. Fur­ther­more a friend of mine spent a year out there for a crime he didnt com­mit and of which he was then quickly and unan­i­mously ac­quit­ted of by a jury! The an­guish he ex­pe­ri­enced dur­ing that pe­riod caused ir­repara­ble dam­age and as there is a be­lief there r other in­no­cents out there, then u other squeaky cleans?.. could end up there too! Night lights out for you then. L. F. Idalia Peo­ple would b sur­prised 2 c how prisoners at stu­art r treated. They have more rights than the peo­ple who have not bro­ken the law n have 2 work 2 make ends meet. True. Phill. 4818 Cant wait for no smok­ing to come into stu­art prison. Then you’ll see grown men cry. Boo hoo. Kir­wan

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