Fight­ing force needs sup­port

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THE marines I have seen around the world have the clean­est bod­ies, the filth­i­est minds and the high­est morale and the low­est morals of any group of an­i­mals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marines.

These words were spo­ken dur­ing World War II by the First Lady of Amer­ica, Eleanor Roo­sevelt.

Can you imag­ine the boost in morale she gave her troops. What a dif­fer­ence to­day. We have the Min­is­ter of De­fence, ev­ery po­lit­i­cally cor­rect com­men­ta­tor and even mem­bers of the gen­eral staff pre­pared to kick our sol­diers, once again, in the guts for be­ing sol­diers.

The Prime Min­is­ter has been pre­pared to turn a blind eye and let her un­der­lings do the dirty work.

Has one of these gen­er­als ever had the op­por­tu­nity to lead a pla­toon into battle, cas-evac his ca­su­al­ties, write a letter to the next of kin of one of his sol­diers?

If so, he can then com­ment on the con­duct and po­lit­i­cal in­cor­rect­ness of his fight­ing sol­diers.

In the pub­lic eye, this furore will be past his­tory within a week or so.

But the lack of sup­port to our fight­ing men will linger for­ever.

These r o ugh men a nd women take, oc­cupy and hold ground from the en­emy so we, the pro­tected, live on in ig­no­rant bliss.

For ev­ery niece, nephew and sec­ond cousin, who can­not get a seat in the church, at the fu­neral of the next Aus­tralian Dig­ger killed in ac­tion, tell one of the politi­cians, gen­er­als, ad­mi­rals or field mar­shalls there for the photo op­por­tu­nity to move one pew back in the church, ‘‘ You didn’t sup­port him or his mates when he was here, so move to the back row.’’

To our men and women fight­ing for free­dom, re­mem­ber, you will al­ways have the sup­port from us, the ones like you who have met the dragon and spat in his eye.

And an­other thing, which will never di­min­ish is your hon­our and sense of ‘‘ Duty First’’. It will stay with you for­ever.

Be­yond a joke

RE­GARD­ING the sol­diers say­ing what they think, what a shame we do not have record­ings of past conflicts ( World War I, World War II etc) when sol­diers on both sides said what they thought of the op­pos­ing side.

This word ‘‘ racist’’ is get­ting be­yond a joke and seems to me to be all one way.

Why is it not called racist when white peo­ple are abused, robbed, bashed, raped, called ev­ery­thing un­der the sun by non-whites.

So they called the Afghans a few names, what did it harm them?

Can you imag­ine what they call us and our sol­diers, do we care? Of course not, it’s like wa­ter off a duck’s back

I sug­gest that all those who com­plain about it, grow up.

This sort of thing has been go­ing on for­ever both ways and will con­tinue to do so.

Yes show­ing it on Face­book and TV was in­sanely ir­re­spon­si­ble, can’t wait for the other side to show their ver­sion, should be hi­lar­i­ous.

Big­ger wor­ries

PLEASE, what grade are we in?

I am sure the ‘‘ Afghan Tal­iban en­e­mies’’(TB , March 26) our sol­diers are f i ght­ing are much more wor­ried about be­ing shot, ma­chine gunned, mortared, shelled, bombed or strafed than what amounts to be­ing called a few ( nasty) names.

We should be more con­cerned about when they are all com­ing home.

DAN­GER: Once again our sol­diers serv­ing in Afghanistan get kicked in the guts for be­ing sol­diers

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