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Earth hour a fu­tile ges­ture by hyp­ocrites to ap­pease Gaia their car­bon diox­ide god. Trop­i­cal I was dis­gusted by the way a small group of Mums were treated @ a ‘‘ cafe’’. Bein told it wasnt a ‘‘ pram restau­rant’’? With the place empty apart from 2 ta­bles u wld think they want the cus­tomers? Wat hap­pened 2 good old fash­ioned cus­tomer ser­vice? I for 1 will not be goin bak there! Bel, mdg­bra PJ City Palmer St for sun­day lunch = what a joke. One place wouldn’t serve us cuz they were run­ning out of food. An­other place oil stank. An­other was closed, the other sells pre-made food. Get a grip! Don’t com­plain when you have no cus­tom, jan mund­ing­burra The ‘‘ swap it dont stop it’’ ad is re­ally good. It would b even beta if the ppl who put the ad spaces 2gther wouldnt put a mac­cas ad straight af­ter it. Come on ad world. Maybe put the RSPCA adopt a pet ad straight af­ter. Ham­mer Tsv Love guru. I love pple who r bold and in­sight­ful and tell it like it is. Who dont cower in de­nial or re­main ig­no­rant. I love pple who main­tain their in­di­vid­u­al­ity and in­tegrity and refuse to adopt po­lit­i­cally in­doc­tri­nated dic­tates or pop­u­lar opin­ion sim­ply to gain power or ac­cep­tance. I love gen­uine pple. Li­brates idalia Hey Dazza 4814, in our dreams mate, been here over 4 yrs and still look­ing, too young or too big a beer belly. Blokes that is. Most sin­gle women over 30, chics are most likely sitting at home bored won­der­ing the same thing. Ev­ery time a sin­gles thing is ad­ver­tised, it usu­ally the 20s that go. The odd older per­son soon re­treats and leaves af­ter see­ing the young per­fect peo­ple who are sin­gle. The cab­bie No idea why some­one can’t wear a sin­glet to a cin­ema though. Maybe a rule from a by­gone era. Ben. Kir­wan The Boy from Oz was just fan­tas­tic! Kevin Wright was amaz­ing as Peter Allen – again – + de­served his stand­ing ova­tion. The au­di­ence rocked too! Great work NQOMT! WenNW Dazza – here I am. Also sin­gle, warm, af­fec­tion­ate, fun lov­ing part time sin­gle mum that works hard and owns my own house. Can’t seem to find a good solid man on my wave length. Are you him? Mel cur­ra­jong When, when, when are we go­ing 2 be blessed with dig­i­tal tv that is not pix­i­lat­ing ev­ery­where? Fedup, gver. Re: su­per­mar­ket shame, TB 26/ 03. Deb Gib­son, what world do you live in? You must be the kind of per­son who be­lieves ev­ery cur­rent af­fairs pro­gram on tv. Your waf­fle is noth­ing close to the truth. All pub­lic com­pa­nies have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to de­liver a re­sult to their share­hold­ers, and as a share­holder my­self, I am happy for these com­pa­nies to re­duce their op­er­at­ing costs and de­liver a strong div­i­dend. Are you aware that the big 2 are now look­ing to par­al­lel im­ports due to Aus­tralian sup­pli­ers charg­ing too much for ex­actly the same prod­uct that can be sourced over­seas. Yes, the mid­dle­man is rip­ping ev­ery­day Aus­tralians off. Ba­nanas at $ 13 a kilo, it’s not the su­per­mar­kets get­ting the ex­tra money there, with less than 10% of sup­ply at this time of year and de­mand greater than that, the price from whole­salers is what de­ter­mines the $ 13 price. I fully sup­port the farm­ers and pri­mary in­dus­tries, but I be­lieve that your place­ment of blame is a lit­tle off tar­get. Shane – Ayr We just like to ex­tend a very big thank you for the kind hearted lady who helped our pet dog ‘‘ socks’’ who fell off from our small van and get her off the road safely. This in­ci­dent hap­pened at the rail­way tracks in oonoonba road this af­ter­noon ( 25 march) about 3 oclock. Her ef­fort is very much ap­pre­ci­ated. Again, thank u so much. God bless u. May, stu­art and sean crosland. Oonoonba Good on u ron dut­ton. New bus stops dont cater 4 the pub­lic go­ing 2 the mall. Take out a few car parks and run through the mall. 2 hard a. Un­happy A thank you to the three great peo­ple lou, david and emma for mak­ing my autis­tic son be­lieve that the world is full of re­ally nice peo­ple thank you from the bot­tom of my heart an­drea from gar­butt

Re earth hour . . . I for 1 wont be turn­ing my lights off. If Anna Bligh wants us to con­serve power, she would bring in day­light sav­ing then we would be sav­ing ap­prox 2 hours A DAY. 1 hour in the morn­ing and 1 at night. When she gets se­ri­ous so will I. jan

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