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Re our sol­diers so-called racist re­marks in Afghanistan, what did our boys call the Japs in New Guinea, or the Viet Cong in Viet­nam? It is war, peo­ple are killing peo­ple, it is not a video game. Po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness gone crazy. Alan. City. Leave our dig­gers alone. They are work­ing in the most dan­ger­ous place on earth. In the mid­dle of a war and your go­ing to has­sle them about some­thing they said! Har­den up all your pc fairies. Greg B. Beach. What next? " Ex­cuse me Mr Tal­iban. Could you please move away from that in­no­cent woman & child while I shoot you. Oh, by the way, I’ve dis­in­fected my bul­lets so you won’t get a blood in­fec­tion af­ter you’ve been shot. Be a nice chap and stand still now, this won’t hurt. If it does I’m sorry." Get real you cowardly, pen­cil push­ing, do-good­ers. THIS IS WAR not a tea party! Bet you’re too gut­less to go there & do it. GC Mt Low. To the crit­ics of our sol­diers about their al­leged naughty words about the en­emy they are fight­ing against. For Gods sake you idiots these men are at war against terrorism and the most gut­less cowardly par­a­sites on the planet. I sup­port our de­fence per­son­nel 100 % and you need to do the same and cut them a lit­tle slack you warm fuzzy tree hug­gers ! Bull ant bel­gian gar­dens.

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