Hypocrisy of war

Townsville Bulletin - - Voice Of The North - opin­ion Ian Bragg, Wul­guru

AC­CORD­ING the the VC win­ning cor­po­ral, ‘‘ we are fight­ing them over there so we don’t have to fight them here’’ – an­other Bushism – so I have to ask how is that turn­ing out?

Not look­ing too great when you con­sider the ca­su­al­ties, time and bil­lions wasted.

It is hypocrisy to at­tack Iraq and Afghanistan when the sup­port for ter­ror­ist groups comes from Saudi Ara­bia, United Arab Emi­rates and Pak­istan.

What is a war on ter­ror that does not tar­get the coun­tries fi­nanc­ing them.

As Gen­eral McChrys­tal said – for ev­ery in­sur­gent ( in­sur­gent not ter­ror­ist) killed we cre­ate 10 more gen­er­at­ing more hate and even­tu­ally they will be here as ter­ror­ists.

As for heroes, the act of putting on a uni­form and putting your con­science in a box does not ex­empt you from moral judge­ment, killing on de­mand for a prime min­is­ter or gov­ern­ment that may not be in con­trol come the next elec­tion be­ing used as a pawn to fa­cil­i­tate US for­eign pol­icy does not make you a hero, you have done heroic acts and de­serve your medals but so do many un­trained civil­ians.

You would be more heroic if you stood up and said, ‘‘ I will not par­tic­i­pate in your need­less wars. I will not kill on your be­half and lies. I will not be party to tor­ture. I will not be party to the killing of women and chil­dren.’’

Three rea­sons were given for the in­va­sion of Afghanistan: ( 1) To deny al-Qa’ida a safe haven. ( 2) Re­verse the Tal­iban mo­men­tum and deny it the abil­ity to over­throw the pup­pet US gov­ern­ment. ( 3) Strengthen Afghan se­cu­rity forces.

Can’t see any­thing t here about cre­at­ing west­ern style democ­racy, noth­ing about sav­ing women from Sharia law.

West­ern democ­racy ‘‘ cap­i­tal­ism’’ needs oil, it needs end­less re­sources, how else can it sup­ply the thirst for more and more from its cit­i­zens, but as they want mid­dle east­ern oil t hey want mid­dle east­ern wealth from the sale of weapons, the Mid­dle East pur­chases bil­lions of dol­lars of de­fen­sive weapons, the west doesn’t care if the peo­ple are down­trod­den by dic­ta­tors.

West­ern civil­i­sa­tions buy the oil and sell the weapons, 78 US and west­ern Europe de­fence com­pa­nies are in the Mid­dle East, no won­der the peo­ple have had enough and rev­o­lu­tions are tak­ing place. Where there hap­pens to be con­flict you will find it’s the west who sup­plied the weapons.

Some will say what about China and Rus­sia they too sell weapons but it’s the west sup­ply­ing the most.

This hypocrisy by the west has no limit and no con­science and that alone is the cause of mid­dle east­ern ha­tred of us, it is the cause of terrorism, it is the cause of the refugee cri­sis, it’s time for peo­ple who de­sire peace to vent your anger on the mer­chants of death.

Our sym­pa­thy goes to the sol­diers and their fam­i­lies, who are pay­ing for the lies of Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rice and Howard.

Will we ever be sick of wars? These bil­lions could be used to pre­vent wars not plan for one.

These bil­lions could give so many peo­ple a bet­ter life.

If this in­san­ity con­tin­ues there will be an­other world war – no point to hav­ing all this weaponry if it’s just rust­ing away.

The de­fence es­tab­lish­ment is up­set over racist com­ments from Aus­tralian troops serv­ing in Afghanistan.

You can’t say any­thing racist but you are al­lowed to kill in­no­cent men, women, chil­dren – de­stroy their homes coun­try and in­ter­fere in do­mes­tic af­fairs of a sov­er­eign nation.

Is this some sort of a twisted joke – up­set over racist com­ments while you slaugh­ter them – some­thing is very wrong here with Aus­tralia’s attitude and we should with­draw from this need­less war im­me­di­ately.

TWISTED JOKE: Troops are pay­ing with their lives for the lies of their gov­ern­ments

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