Not built to last

It’s a false econ­omy when so many things end up in land­fill

Townsville Bulletin - - Voice Of The North - STEVE JEBB, Townsville.

I JUST don’t get it! Ev­ery house­hold in Aus­tralia has dozens of ap­pli­ances . Toast­ers, ket­tles, i rons, fridges, freez­ers, wash­ing ma­chines, and the list goes on. Most of them these days, es­pe­cially the small ap­pli­ances like a toaster are flat out get­ting through the war­ranty let alone achiev­ing a long life.

Yes, I have a toaster that is 40 years old and still work­ing. How many peo­ple re­mem­ber when a fridge lasted up­wards of 30 years? Un­like the qual­ity of to­day.

Ev­ery time you buy a new ap­pli­ance a fac­tory some­where in the world has to burn fos­sil fuel to make it.

Mary Ver­non re­cently wrote in her weekly col­umn how a flu­oro bulb pur­chased many years ago lasted for those years, but a new one stopped work­ing af­ter a short time.

Why can’t we pay a lit­tle more for these ap­pli­ances and have them save the planet by last­ing al­most a life­time? It’s a false econ- omy when so many things have to be put into land­fill like this. Why should we have a car­bon tax with man­u­fac­tur­ing out of con­trol like this?

An­other thing is re­cy­cling. In my work­place ( hos­pi­tal­ity) we put out four wheelie bins of glass bot­tles per week be­cause there is no fa­cil­ity for re­cy­cling com­mer­cial waste. ( I am writ­ing this letter dur­ing Earth Hour with the lights off). Mul­ti­ply that waste out for ev­ery ho­tel, restau­rant, night­club etc in Aus­tralia and it adds up to an enor­mous amount of waste. Why don’t we re­turn the glass bot­tles to be re­filled like the milk bot­tles use to be in the past?

These days the tech­nol­ogy to sani­tise should be fault­less. I would not mind sort­ing bot­tles to be re­turned for re­fill. That would help em­ploy­ment and re­duce the use of fos­sil fuel to man­u­fac­ture them.

Do­mes­tic re­cy­cling so I un­der­stand must be also a false econ­omy due to the fact it all has to be trans­ported down south to be re­pro­cessed. ( More fos­sil­fu­els for the trans­por-tation) . Reuse­and­notre­cy­cleshould­bethe an­swer.

On top of it all the gov­ern­ment is pay­ing peo­ple to have more ba­bies. I just don’t get it.

Flu­oro bulbs lasted

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