What on Earth . . . and day­light sec­ond

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Sorry jan day­light sav­ing in­creases your power use by up 2-10% air­con on ear­lier lights on in morn­ing, earth hour is a con any­ways as if ev­ery light was turned off @ same time power sta­tions keep run­ning flat out herb @ herb­swood­yard Fed­eral La­bor could not fix NSW La­bor . . . what leads them to be­lieve they can fix the World Cli­mate? Maybe a tax on vot­ers would have in­flu­enced vot­ers to vote more wisely . . . then again may be they did. Eric. West End Tem­per­a­ture was down a bit this morn­ing. Must be be­cause of all the lights they turned off for earth hour. Ha ha. Percy. Proser­pine. Jan, bug­ger of to Vic or NSW, we don’t need an ex­tra hour of heat in the evening. They tried it up here in the late nineties, didn’t work then, won’t work now. RD 4818 Norm Brice re cli­mate change: well writ­ten keep up the good work! N4811

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