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Emma JCU Med stu­dent. Hope this txt gets pub­lished in time. I en­joyed our chat on sat 19th be­fore the show. I would re­ally like 2 catch up with u again. Please meet me on Fri­day 1st. Same place and same time as we first met. Hope 2 see u there. Dave Blwtr.

I am so sick of so-called con­test sup­pos­edly judged on ap­pear­ance only to be won by the num­ber of peo­ple you know. Just a big mon­ey­mak­ing rip off. What a joke duo. Kevin m’burra Camp­bell New­man seems to be a keen fan of the bike, so when he be­comes premier, maybe he can turn Townsville into a bike-friendly town. D. Bil­ton w. e To mel. Not sure if im the solid man you’re look­ing for but it could be fun to try and find out. Not sure how tho. Dazza 4814. Sue Perott your ded­i­ca­tion and car­ing na­ture is what helped make the un­cer­tain jour­ney for count­less on­col­ogy pa­tients seem all worth­while. Loyal friend to many. U will be sadly missed by

all at TTH – D Casey xx Why r driv­ers so in­con­sid­er­ate? It may only be 5: 30pm, but it’s over­cast and rain­ing . . . Turn ur bloody lights on! Cathee 4814 Good to see some clearly writ­ten fac­tual opin­ion from Norm Brice ‘‘ Alarmists in de­nial’’ TB March 28 to bal­ance the diet of rub­bish fre­quently served up in the me­dia. Galen Ayr. Good ol’ Cpt Bligh. This time money by the bil­lions for the de­vel­op­ment of the Ekka in Bris­bane. Hey what about us. We just want a water­proof road and rail sys­tem. Not much to ask for is it? Granny 4812 Have you ever no­ticed that all these life in­surance plan ad­ver­tise­ments im­ply that the hus­band is go­ing to die first. Jack. Proser­pine. I’ve al­ways been against the death penalty but when I see the sad­ness in Daniel Mor­combe’s mother’s eyes maybe they should bring it back one last time if they find out who did it. I hope she finds some peace soon. N 4811 Strange! Can call ev­ery po­lice of­fi­cer on duty 2 help book 193 driv­ers safely parked @ nitro but can never find 1 of­fi­cer 2 book any of the hun­dreds of driv­ers tex­ting, talk­ing, tweet­ing, facec­book­ing while driv­ing herb @ herb­swood­yard Just shopped at wood­lands and am over­joyed to see car parks and a quiet shop for a change kh black river Very dis­gusted in cer­tain lo­cal stores call­ing them­selves 2nd hand deal­ers when their prices r close n in some cases that I have per­son­ally seen dou­ble the orig­i­nal amount when brand new! I thought I would save a fare few dol­lars if I went 2nd hand for a set top box for tv in bed­room n the dif­fer­ence for same brand was a mere $ 8 and the sales­per­son at the 2nd hand store when I quoted the price of a brand new one was dis­mis­sive and would not budge on price. I will be speak­ing to friends n fam­ily n mak­ing sure no one gets ripped off by go­ing there! Shame 481 2 Ian Bragg ur a nut­case. Do u hon­estly thnk if we put down our guns they will put down their bombs? Next u will want to give them vot­ing rights. Now we have hangin rub­bish is called art OMG. Crazi Heat­ley Re Mates’ Rates: How about TCC al­low­ing tax­pay­ers to pay rates in ad­vance to avoid in­creases & al­low Coun­cil to re­duce bor­row­ings? Eric. West End There has been twice in my 31 years of self em­ploy­ment that I have strug­gled to find work, the Keat­ing era and the Rudd / Gil­lard era, on a scale of 1 to 10 Keat­ing would get 8 and the lat­ter 1 on their han­dling of the econ­omy. Ron kelso. This is what I don’t love, I don’t love the con­tin­u­ous rain, I don’t love the wa­ter lay­ing on my front & back yard, I don’t like not walk­ing my dogs, I don’t love the wa­ter logged park op­po­site but I love hav­ing a whinge. Donna @ Vin­cent

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