What’s the best way to sleep – naked or in your PJs?

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Blake reck­ons. . .

We spend 36% of our lives in our beds, we need good sleep to let our bod­ies re­cover and recharge for the next day, but what’s the best way to do it? Clothed? Or naked?

I say clothed, liv­ing in a shared house­hold, clothed is the only way, too many times I have done the late night stum­ble to the bath­room only to have a very awk­ward con­ver­sa­tion with my flat mate, usu­ally about why I’m not wear­ing pants.

Plus we have all heard the sto­ries or the fam­ily emer­gency or touch wood a fire in your house and you have to leave ASAP leav­ing no time to grab your pos­ses­sions, let alone re­mem­ber­ing to put your pants on. Do you re­ally want to be the per­son stand­ing in the street with your tackle hang­ing out? Of course not! now I know I am think­ing worst case sce­nar­ios here but there are other rea­sons.

Google bed bugs! Have a look at those lit­tle mi­cro­scopic crit­ters that in­fest your bed when you sleep feast­ing on skin cells and bod­ily flu­ids. Sweat, tears, saliva and snot can seep into your sheets and our beds also hold traces of urine, fae­ces and other bod­ily dis­charge. Ewwww, I hope you wash your sheets? That will most def­i­nitely make you keep your pants on. Sleep­wear can be so much fun, with de­signer brands and celebri­ties bring­ing out their own lines you now have even more se­lec­tion to choose from. Box­ers, knick­ers, night­ies, jocks and brands like Peter Alexan­der are mak­ing sleep­wear com­fort­able and sexy, so from now on I don’t risk it – pants on is the only way to sleep.

CK says. . .

Nu­dity. Ev­ery­one loves a nudey run at a grand fi­nal. Ev­ery­one loves to see that drunk nude guy taped to the street sign af­ter a huge bucks night. Nu­dity is bliss.

This ut­ter love of the birth­day suit should be em­braced as much as pos­si­ble and to my shock, I dis­cov­ered Blake can’t sleep in the nude. He’s suf­fer­ing from a case of Gymno­pho­bia. Yes ladies and gentle­men, the fear of be­ing nude.

He puts it down to be­ing afraid that there will be a house fire, and he will have to flee naked. If Blake lived in the USA there is 0.0044 per cent chance of this hap­pen­ing to him. There is more chance of get­ting struck by light­ning, touch wood. But he lives in fear, sleep­ing each night in py­ja­mas other­wise known as the straight jacket of the bed­room. Not only is sleep­ing naked more com­fort­able, but it’s good for your health too. Sci­en­tists have proved your level of com­fort rises, mak­ing it eas­ier for you to re­lax and sleep, so you get a bet­ter night’s kip. The re­sult­ing deeper, longer sleep makes it eas­ier for your body to re­gen­er­ate and re­pair it­self, and build up your en­ergy for the day ahead. Sci­en­tific proof you should nude up for beddy byes. And if you’re into the en­vi­ron­ment, then lis­ten up eco war­riors – sleep­ing in the nude is con­sid­ered bet­ter for the en­vi­ron­ment! Why? Less py­ja­mas equals less pro­duc­tion and a smaller car­bon foot­print! So for­get the prius and the em­brace the nude!!! As for Blake, he can keep his Peter Alexan­ders on, that’s an im­age I don’t want to fall asleep with, it’s scarier than the

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