This punk’s a model cit­i­zen

Al­ter­na­tive mod­el­ling is not just for girls, writes Jade Kennedy

Townsville Bulletin - - Savvy -

Lo­cal al­ter­na­tive male model Zane ‘ Souleater’ Mor­gan is cre­at­ing a niche for him­self in the Townsville mar­ket. ‘‘ Townsville needs it,’’ he said. ‘‘ There needs to be some­thing dif­fer­ent here.’’

Zane said he be­gan mod­el­ling around Septem­ber last year. ‘‘ I was told I should get into it,’’ he said. ‘‘ A few peo­ple told me I was creepy and weird-look­ing, which I guess in this sort of in­dus­try is kind of a com­pli­ment.’’

Zane ap­proached lo­cal agency Nov­elty Im­ports to take him on their books.

‘‘ When I first met Fi ( owner Fiona Ra­m­age) I went in dressed nor­mally and I don’t think she be­lieved that I was what I was claim­ing to be,’’ he said.

‘‘ I went back in dressed up and was pretty much signed up on the spot.’’

De­spite sign­ing to an agency, Zane said the de­mand for male al­ter­na­tive mod­els was some­what slim in Townsville.

‘‘ There’s not re­ally much de­mand for it here, at least not yet,’’ he said.

‘‘ If I was liv­ing in Syd­ney I’d be mak­ing a killing.

‘‘ I go into town here dressed up and get more pho­tos taken with ran­dom peo­ple than I do paid photo shoots, but hope­fully that will change in time.

‘‘ Peo­ple are gen­er­ally ac­cept­ing of it, I’ve ac­tu­ally been in more fights in town with jeal­ous boyfriends be­cause their girls have ap­proached me want­ing a photo with me than fights be­cause of how I’m dressed.’’

Zane said his look had been de­scribed as ‘‘ a cross be­tween Mar­i­lyn Man­son and Rob Zom­bie’’ by sev­eral peo­ple.

‘‘ I’ve had a few weird names thrown at me, too,’’ he said.

‘‘ Charles Man­son was one that was pretty out there.’’

Zane said his nick­name, Souleater, had stuck as a mod­el­ling name.

‘‘ A cou­ple of mates gave me the nick­name a cou­ple of years ago when I started dress­ing goth,’’ he said.

‘‘ My mate’s sis­ter said I looked like I was go­ing to steal her soul, so I ended up with the name Souleater.’’

Not only is Zane Townsville’s only male al­ter­na­tive model, he also takes the ti­tle for Townsville’s tallest mo­hawk.

‘‘ When I went to the hair­dresser’s to

>> peo­ple told me I was creepy and weird-look­ing, which I guess in this sort of in­dus­try is kind of a com­pli­ment <<

see if they could put it up for me, they told me it couldn’t be done,’’ Zane said.

‘‘ I ended up go­ing out and spend­ing about $ 150 on hair prod­ucts to see if I could do it my­self.

‘‘ I even­tu­ally worked out that hairspray works best – it takes about an hour to get it up, but once it’s up it’s a foot tall and is the tallest in Townsville.’’

For Zane, one of the ben­e­fits of be­ing signed to an agency is the ease of buy­ing clothes.

‘‘ I buy from the Queen of Dark­ness range, which comes from Lux­em­bourg in Europe,’’ Zane said.

‘‘ I used to have to source it on­line, but I con­vinced Fi to start or­der­ing it in, so that makes life a lit­tle eas­ier.’’

Zane said he would like to ex­plore his ‘ Souleater’ side more ex­ten­sively.

‘‘ I’d re­ally like to go down to Drac­ula’s in Broad­beach to work for a while,’’ he said.

‘‘ My cousin works there. . . it’s just a case of ac­tu­ally get­ting down there.

‘‘ In the mean­time, hope­fully I can pick up some more work up here as peo­ple be­come more ac­cept­ing of the goth/ punk/ al­ter­na­tive scene.’’

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