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All those belly­ach­ing about the clu­den road­works are jolly hard to please, how else were they go­ing to build it? It will be a real show­piece when com­pleted. Ron Kelso. I now know what “min­i­mum dis­rup­tion” means when ap­plied to con­struc­tion work in the CBD. It means get all that loud an­noy­ing jack ham­mer work over early by start­ing on Satur­day at 6: 15, this means the jobs done by 9am with “min­i­mum dis­rup­tion” ex­cept for the 100’ s of res­i­dents within earshot. MGNW Free Mys­tery Tours- just head for the Clu­den road­works. You never know where you’ll end up. TINKER. 4816. Spoilt Brat Tomic. If his fa­ther didn’t have money he would be a 2nd rate player. Lots of play­ers missed out on a chance be­cause Tomic Snr paid for Jnr to go to the right matches. Go home if you don’t like Ten­nis Aus­tralia. Grumpy4810 It was good 2 c Ten­nis Aus­tralias at­i­tude 2 the ar­ro­gance of Tomic. Who does he think he is? The priv­i­leged r used 2 bhavin like this with or­di­nary peo­ple, nd think it goes 4 ev­er­thin. Joe Blake D. Bil­ton.. surely the con­ven­tion in mar­riage is what has al­ways been... one man and one woman. So, ad­vo­cat­ing fall­ing into line with the re­cent same sex laws of the rest of the western world, as you put it, would be rad­i­cal, not con­ven­tional. IAH 4814 Amaz­ing: greeks broke but foto pg 29 sat bully shows guy with fag in mouth. Not 2 broke. Bill, mton. R. L. AGACY, Thank you for that let­ter on Satur­day, we need more peo­ple like you to step up to Townsville First, Mayor Hill de­serves re­spect and so do the peo­ple of Townsville. Brenda West End. Public ser­vant 4820, Aus­tralia never had black slaves. I’d hate to think some­one read­ing your text would be­lieve that. And also if we voted and 51 said yes, then it would be right. That’s how democ­racy works. Gary J Mt Louisa 4814. Well said Het­ero. Pop­u­lar democ­racy is not al­ways fair. Your ex­am­ple of slav­ery was good point. So many changes in laws. No won­der youth are con­fused and dis­il­lu­sioned with life. S. Dou­glas Has any­one no­ticed the Bris­bane Bron­cos have been sched­uled to ap­pear in 18 free- to- air games this reg­u­lar sea­son whilst our Cowboys have only three in to­tal? Bris­bane sup­port­ers will be glad to know that six of those free- to- air games are yet to be played while the Cowboys have o one more this year on a Thurs night. You beauty - not! Valentino A/ dale Townsville, If your “Tru Blu” then don’t pullp a “Mac the Knife” on John Wil­liamson’s “Hon­est Peo­ple” con­cert tour. Thurs­day 7th July at your amaz­ing TownsvilleT Theatre. NUDGE AYR. To all the peo­ple who have spo­ken out about my sup­port of same sex mar­riage i won­der just how many of you have been in a re­la­tion­ship for 30 years like i have to my same sex part­ner! We just want equal rights. Thomas west end 4810. D. Bil­ton. I read some of your com­ments and won­der why peo­ple are so against what u say as I some­times agree with you BUT for you to say that most townsvil­lians DONT want same sex mar­riage, well don’t make state­ments like that if you don’t have the fig­ures. Only way is a ref­er­en­dum. I’m not gay but think­ing that if I had to be mar­ried to you, God for­bid, I would turn. j 4815 If Townsville isn’t a city of back­wa­ter h hicks, bo­gans and red­necks, then where did the word ‘ Boganville’ a word used by for­mer res­i­dents and peo­ple liv­ing other cities to re­fer to us, orig­i­nate from? ZRM 4814. Hope­fully the “ex­perts” keep tip­ping against the Cowboys. As when they do the ‘ boys win. Colin 4814 The greeks might have to sell some of their is­lands, to pay back the big debt. China will buy them, they will pay any­thing for a sea view. Sam. Cran­brook. Er­gon cus­tomers should be ques­tion­ing ser­vice fee? 83 ex­tra on ac­count why? Wait for re­sponse from Er­gon. D 4817 just like to agree with Gavin of A’dale and the trees in Ab­bott St. Lets hope the Coun­cil plants an equal num­ber to re­place them. CA, 4810.

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