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A DIS­TURB­ING report came out of Europe last week re­gard­ing the to­tal aban­don­ment and ces­sa­tion of pa­per money and coins.

Le­gal­i­sa­tion is al­ready be­ing pre­sented to sev­eral coun­try’s par­lia­ments re­gard­ing the abil­ity of busi­ness be­ing able to ac­tu­ally refuse cash for a trans­ac­tion.

I am sure that the pop­u­la­tion of Europe, as this de­bate gains mo­men­tum, will be told that it is for the ben­e­fit of the econ­omy, will hin­der crime, make il­licit pur­chases dif­fi­cult and no doubt be in the best in­ter­ests of the en­tire world. Yet, what is the prob­lem? If I draw money out of my bank, I can spend this on any­thing I wish – my trail of habits, wants and de­sires are mine and mine alone.

If track­ing ev­ery sin­gle trans­ac­tion is seen as “help­ful”, then why on earth are we given the ridicu­lous Pri­vacy Pro­tec­tion Act for?

We see many let­ters and opin­ions about how the Govern­ment mon­i­tors so much of our lives, how crim­i­nals can track and steal our in­ter­net and elec­tronic money and pur­chases.

This fact is a re­al­ity, how­ever our pri­vacy is as gone as an Aus­tralian sur­plus if we as a pop­u­la­tion al­low this to hap­pen in Aus­tralia. Oh, it is al­ready be­ing con­sid­ered. Greedy, lazy gov­ern­ments are see­ing the ben­e­fit for govern­ment, but there is no ben­e­fit what­so­ever for the av­er­age tax­payer in even con­sid­er­ing this as­sault on our free­dom.

With the ces­sa­tion of old- time money comes con­trol.

Con­trol when you go to the ATM– you can be photo- graphed, you can have your en-tire life brought up on a screen ford is sec­tion.

I per­son­ally have no “hid­den pur­chases”, so I sup­pose you can say that I should not be wor­ried about “big brother” comb­ing through ev­ery choco­late bar, Brumbies bread or range- free meat pur­chase that I make.

How­ever, once this ridicu­lous and con­trol­ling leg­is­la­tion is brought in, we will have our lives avail­able to any­one that can hack a com­puter, any po­lice ser­vice want­ing to check ev­ery sin­gle thing about your life.

Be­cause we are what we buy, we are what we eat and the only thing that will not be avail­able for scru­tiny will be what we think. Can we sit by and let this hap­pen?

Does any­one think this jail- like leg­is­la­tion will help?

If you sit back and say and do noth­ing, then this will hap­pen. We must start to make our politi­cians work for us, so there­fore go and see them, book an ap­point­ment, like I do.

Email, phone or con­tact by snail mail ( that is still hap­pen­ing at least), but say some­thing. This is wrong, plain and sim­ple. We are al­ways whinge­ing about politi­cians’ de­ci­sions, well if we don’t speak out then they think that all they do is OK, in our best in­ter­ests, help­ful and right.

Speak up – at least send an email to Ewen Jones or who­ever your fed­eral mem­ber is. We sim­ply can­not al­low this to hap­pen, please go to the source.



WATCH IT: Fears govern­ment will keep close eye on trans­ac­tions.

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