Chi­nese are buy­ing up our farms to se­cure food

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WATCHED Sun­day Night on 7 about China ‘ in­vest­ing’ in Townsville Port, a meat­works at Char­ters Tow­ers, buy­ing the Char­ters Tow­ers sa­le­yards, hav­ing Chi­nese ships dock­ing at Townsville to trans­port the meat, 5000 Chi­nese per­mit­ted to work here as part of the ‘ free trade’ agree­ment and poor bug­gers forced off cat­tle prop­er­ties by banks with for­eign buy­ers step­ping up. ‘ In­vest­ing’ means buy­ing lock, stock and bar­rel.

The Chi­nese govern­ment has given buy­ers $ 3 tril­lion to buy food se­cu­rity for China.

China plays a long game; our politi­cians have trou­ble see­ing past the next elec­tion.

Our govern­ment thinks this ‘ in­vest­ing’ is won­der­ful!

China has de­stroyed its pri­mary pro­duc­tion and wa­ter qual­ity through pol­lu­tion. This money is for China’s food se­cu­rity; they see the fu­ture ‘ gold’ is clean wa­ter and ‘ safe’ food; the Aus­tralian politi­cians just see po­lit­i­cal op­por­tu­nity.

The prof­its will go to China; we will get the crumbs.

Will the peo­ple start yelling at our govern­ment our coun­try is ‘ not’ for sale. We will not be serfs in our own land; un­less we want to re­main a mob of id­iots glued to the set watch­ing ‘ re­al­ity’ TV with our hand out for govern­ment money.



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