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Iron Man

SEVEN, Fri­day, 8.30pm, M ( 2008) Robert Downey Jr was an un­likely su­per­hero when the first Iron Man came out. Ver y dif­fer­ent to the young, buff ac­tors we’ve come to ex­pect in these roles, Downey brought a sense of cheek­i­ness wrapped up in his crime- fight­ing per­sona and gave Marvel Comics’ iconic “man in­side the heavy- me­tal jacket” a new lease of life. In this first in­stal­ment, play­boy in­dus­tri­al­ist Tony Stark ( Downey) es­capes from kid­nap­pers us­ing an armoured suit and quickly uses its cre­ation to fight crime, much to the dis­ap­proval of his com­pany’s boss. Di­rected by Jon Favreau ( Elf), this is fast- paced, en­ter tain­ing and a lot of fun.


SC TEN, Satur­day, 9.05pm, M ( 2009) Although James Cameron’s epic didn’t take home the big award at the Os­cars, Avatar cer tainly wasn’t a loser ei­ther. The ground­break­ing 3D tech­nol­ogy Cameron used to cre­ate such a won­drous, idyl­lic en­vi­ron­ment se­cured Os­cars in the vis­ual ef­fects cat­e­gories and still stands as the high­est gross­ing film of all time. The stor y fol­lows para­plegic marine Jake Sully ( Aussie Sam Wor­thing­ton), who trav­els to a far- off moon to gather in­tel­li­gence about the Na’vi species who live on Pan­dora. While there Sully meets lo­cal Neytiri ( Zoe Sal­dana), and what de­vel­ops is es­sen­tially Poc­a­hon­tas in space as Sully ques­tions the ef­fects his own species has on the peace- lov­ing Na’vi. If you haven’t seen it, it’s sim­ply out of this world.

The Pur­suit Of Happyness

SC TEN, Sun­day, 11pm, M ( 2006) Sales­man Chris Gard­ner ( Will Smith) has fallen on hard times. His shrewish wife ( Thandie New­ton) has just left him and his son. Though he looks out for the count, Chris’s hear t, de­ter­mi­na­tion and brains will see him climb out of the depths of de­spair. How? That’s the in­spir­ing par t of this Amer­i­can Dream- themed drama, based on a true stor y, which shows how per­se­ver­ance, a gift for maths and a Ru­bik’s cube can make you a for tune. In his no- frills ap­proach to the sub­ject of pover ty, Ital­ian di­rec­tor Gabriele Muccino ( The Last Kiss) makes a win­ning fist of Gard­ner’s des­per­ate plight.


GO!, Mon­day, 9.30pm, M ( 2011) Bradley Cooper stars as strug­gling writer Ed­die, whose life changes when he dis­cov­ers a top- se­cret drug that gives him su­per hu­man abil­i­ties to re­call ever ything he sees or hears. With his new­found skills open­ing up new doors, Ed­die ditches his writ­ing and takes on Wall Street, with dizzy­ing suc­cess. His skills at­tract the at­ten­tion of Carl Van Loon ( Robert De Niro), who in­vites Ed­die to help bro­ker the big­gest merger in cor­po­rate his­tor y. But as the say­ing goes: What goes up, must come down, and Ed­die finds him­self hunted by the po­lice, as well as those who want to get their hands on his stash.

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Robert Downey Jr as smart alec su­per­hero Iron Man.

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