No rea­son for Dawn to re­tract ‘ racist’ re­marks

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I CAN’T sit on my hands on this one. I have never been a fan of ten­nis, in fact I hate the game, but I feel that I must come in on the side of Dawn Fraser.

From where I stand, she has noth­ing to apol­o­gise for. She was telling it the way she saw it. Nick Kyr­gios was act­ing like a prize prat ... very un­pro­fes­sional and un­sports­man­like. I saw this, too. Tantrums don’t win matches.

OK, what she said on the To­day show was wrong and she re­grets it. It was said in the heat of the mo­ment, and she was branded racist for the com­ment – but there was no racist re­mark in­tended.

Haven’t we all had a gut­ful of po­lit­i­cal correctness? It seems that we are grad­u­ally los­ing our right to free speech. Are we start­ing to see aus­ter­ity by stealth? If so, this is a very dan­ger­ous path we’re tak­ing.

The last thing we want or need is for us to go down the same road as North Korea, heaven for­bid.


West End.

NINE’S un­for­tu­nate treat­ment of Cameron Smith and the NRL high­lights the im­por­tance of giv­ing chan­nels 7 and 10 a go at the broad­cast rights. To put up with a three­quar­ter- year pro­gram is bad enough, but now this grubby go at Ori­gin time is pa­thetic.

DAVID EDE, Mag­netic Is­land.


APOL­OGY: Dawn Fraser has said sorry for mak­ing what many con­sider were racist com­ments.

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