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Thank God at least one per­son in Bill Shorten’s team knows La­bor has gone mad with global warm­ing and must be stopped. That’s ob­vi­ous from that anony­mous per­son’s de­ci­sion to leak La­bor’s plans for a new car­bon tax to The Daily Tele­graph.

The pa­per was never likely to treat these plans gen­tly and, in­deed, ran them yesterday with an il­lus­tra­tion of Shorten, the Op­po­si­tion Leader, as a zom­bie crawl­ing from the grave of La­bor’s last car­bon tax.

The leaker’s aim was plain: to ei­ther de­stroy the em­bat­tled Shorten or to em­bar­rass La­bor into drop­ping a tax that will cost it any chance of win­ning next year’s elec­tion.

Dis­loyal, maybe. But at least some­one in La­bor still has brains, and bad luck for La­bor it’s not Shorten, be­cause here is what you won’t hear from the ABC and many other media out­lets.

La­bor is propos­ing a new car­bon tax that would hurt con­sumers yet do noth­ing to stop global warm­ing, which ac­tu­ally stopped nearly two decades ago any­way.

It is a non- so­lu­tion to what in­creas­ingly seems a non­prob­lem. All pain for no gain. A vote loser, not a planet saver.

Yes, I know many sci­en­tists, aca­demics, teach­ers, jour­nal­ists, politi­cians and en­vi­ron­men­tal­ists are telling you dif­fer­ent as they jin­gle the coins in their pock­ets and keep their own doubts pri­vate. But con­sider these facts.

La­bor was de­stroyed when the Gil­lard gov­ern­ment im­posed a car­bon tax. So why is La­bor tak­ing a sec­ond drink of that poi­son?

What­ever La­bor calls the emis­sions trad­ing scheme it plans, that, too, is a tax — an ex­tra cost im­posed by gov­ern­ment on the price of elec­tric­ity.

This car­bon tax will cost money and kill jobs, par­tic­u­larly in busi­nesses that use a lot of elec­tric­ity, such as smelters.




This tax, like La­bor’s last car­bon tax, will make no mea­sur­able dif­fer­ence to global warm­ing. A lead au­thor on the In­ter­gov­ern­men­tal Panel on Cli­mate Change, Roger Jones, cal­cu­lated that cur­rent La­bor and Lib­eral plans to cut emis­sions would lower the world’s tem­per­a­ture by no more than 0.0037 de­grees even af­ter us­ing the most gen­er­ous and dis­puted as­sump­tions.

Global warm­ing has paused or stopped, with no real rise in at­mo­spheric tem­per­a­ture for some 18 years, ac­cord­ing to satel­lite data from both the Re­mote Sens­ing Sys­tems and the Univer­sity of Alabama at Huntsville.





predic- ted by global warm­ing sci­en­tists have not oc­curred. Even the IPCC con­firms we have not had worse or more cy­clones, nor a world­wide in­crease in droughts. The UN’s Food and Agri­cul­ture Or­gan­i­sa­tion re­ports ris­ing crop har­vests over the past two decades. An Auck­land Univer­sity study found 80 per cent of low- ly­ing is­lands such as Tu­valu and Kiri­bati are not drown­ing, but “have ei­ther re­mained about the same or, in fact, got­ten larger”.

A warmer planet could be health­ier. As Lancet re­cently re­ported, 6.5 per cent of deaths in Aus­tralia are caused by cold weather, but just 0.5 per cent from hot.

The Bris­bane

At least some­one in La­bor still has brains, and it’s not Shorten



and Syd­ney dams that for­mer Chief Cli­mate Com­mis­sioner Tim Flan­nery warned could be emp­tied by global warm­ing by 2010 are to­day 98 per cent and 92 per cent full re­spec­tively.

Re­searchers at Northum­bria Univer­sity last week pre­dicted that by 2030 we’d suf­fer not from global warm­ing


but a mini ice age, thanks to a fall in so­lar ac­tiv­ity.

That said, it’s true man’s emis­sions are likely to have a warm­ing ef­fect.

True again, the world over the past cen­tury has warmed by per­haps 0.7 de­grees, some of which is cred­i­bly blamed on hu­mans.

But af­ter that the de­bate be­gins. How much ef­fect have hu­mans re­ally had? Has warm­ing now stopped? Would more warm­ing ac­tu­ally be good? Is spend­ing tril­lions of dol­lars to make al­most no mea­sur­able dif­fer­ence in tem­per­a­ture smart?

Yet on one point there can be no de­bate be­tween ra­tio­nal peo­ple: La­bor’s planned car- bon tax will hurt Aus­tralians and dev­as­tate La­bor with­out im­prov­ing our cli­mate.

So why is La­bor plan­ning some­thing so mad?

Blame two things. First, the death grip global warm­ing now has over La­bor, a party that needed this stri­dent new re­li­gion to fill the gap in its soul cause by the death of so­cial­ism.

And blame the weak lead­er­ship of Bill Shorten, a man of no con­vic­tions or au­thor­ity who did not dare kill, bury and cre­mate the pol­icy which most de­stroyed La­bor last time.

But even­tu­ally ev­ery vac­uum is filled. Some La­bor leaker has now stepped up to try to de­stroy a ma­lig­nant pol­icy that Shorten let fes­ter.

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