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THE GHOSTS WHICH ARE SAID TO HAUNT RAVENSWOOD’S HIS­TORIC HO­TELS CON­TINUE TO ELUDE RE­GIONAL EDITOR JOHN AN­DER­SEN. ly moans. No ghostly whis­pers. Not even a ghostly slam­ming of the door at ei­ther pub.

Pe­ri­od­i­cally, when I woke up dur­ing the night at the Rail­way and squinted into the dark­ness to see if there was any funny busi­ness hap­pen­ing, there was noth­ing to re­port.

And then at 4am, with day­light not too far away, the dogs out­side started bark­ing. Could they be bark­ing at a ghostly ap­pari­tion?

Nope. Pub­li­can Char­lie Bellcham­bers told me just af­ter sunrise when we were both down in the kitchen that they were bark­ing at wild pigs which root up his gar­den.

How is it that just about ev­ery­one ex­cept me who stays in these rooms sees ghosts?

Char­lie was wo­ken at 3am one night when two guests, their clothes un­der their arms, ran down the stairs scream­ing. They flew out the front door, ter­ri­fied by “a ghost in Room 11”.

“They were re­ally fright­ened. They left town in a hurry,” Char­lie said.

But, here I am, hol­stered up for zom­bies, ghouls and poltergeists and all I get are dogs bark­ing at pigs. Char­lie has seen foot­prints and heard noises in the pub he is con­vinced are ghosts. Foot­prints? Ghosts? Well, Char­lie’s telling the story. His son had a ghost sit­ting be­side him at the bar one night. Char­lie’s son was drink­ing rum.

Anna, the Rail­way’s Swedish bar­maid, can’t wait to see her first ghost. “I just hope it is friendly and wants to have a talk,” she said cheer­fully.

A group of ghost­busters who go by the im­pres­sive ti­tle of Para­nor­mal In­ves­ti­ga­tors Townsville, con­ducted an in- ves­ti­ga­tion into ghosts at the Im­pe­rial on May 2. They saw plenty. Ka­rina, whose ti­tle is Team Leader/ In­ves­ti­ga­tor, wrote a re­port on what they found. She had this to say: “Tess, Di and I made our way to Room 12A, but when I went to go out on to the bal­cony, I lit­er­ally could not move as it felt like some­one was push­ing me back into the room.” Ka­rina had another ghostly ex­pe­ri­ence at the town’s ceme­tery where she said she felt a pres­ence and snapped a photo.

She said the photo showed “a misty hand com­ing to­wards me”.

“Di ( the group’s ‘ medium’) im­me­di­ately grabbed my hand and or­dered what­ever it was to go back and stay where it was.

FULL SER­VICE: The black­board menu at Ravenswood’s Im­pe­rial Ho­tel.

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