Cli­mate writ­ers’ ig­no­rance makes for heavy weather

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A NUM­BER of your cor­re­spon­dents in “Text the Editor” ( TB 17/ 7/ 2015) ap­pear to be un­aware of re­cent ad­vances in cli­mate science. I hope you will al­low me to re­ply to them by let­ter – tex­ting on my an­cient mo­bile phone would take the rest of the week­end.

Might I sug­gest that John A. Smith ( Home Hill) up­date his own ter­mi­nol­ogy and re­fer to “Cli­mate Weird­ing” – “Cli­mate Change” is so “yesterday” since cli­mate through­out the last cen­tury has not changed be­yond the bounds of his­tor­i­cal vari­a­tion. Do not go back to school since many teach­ers have still not pro­gressed be­yond a belief in CAGW ( Cat­a­strophic An­thro­pogenic Global Warm­ing). In­stead, use your own ed­u­ca­tion which should have equipped you with suf­fi­cient skills in in­de­pen­dent crit­i­cal thought to be some­what scep­ti­cal of media re­ports or po­lit­i­cal state­ments.

Jack Adale, at the risk of of­fend­ing your be­liefs in the An­thro­pogenic Cli­mate Change re­li­gion, might I point out that the 18- plus years ces­sa­tion of global warm­ing is based on real world data from satel­lite mea­sure­ments of lower tro­po­spheric tem­per­a­ture, not a UK tabloid ar­ti­cle! Even NASA has en­dorsed the satel­lite mea­sure­ments of global tem­per­a­ture as be­ing su­pe­rior to sur­face tem­per­a­ture records which are con­tin­u­ally be­ing al­tered by ar­cane sta­tis­ti­cal “ho­mogena­tion” by var­i­ous author­i­ties, in­clud­ing the UK Met Of­fice and Aus­tralia’s own BOM.

Physics Phreak avale, ever since I was five years old or so, I have no­ticed that in this time of year in Aus­tralia ( even in Townsville) one could ex­pect pe­ri­ods of cold weather. I call it “win­ter” and see no rea­son why any­one should try to ex­plain our cur­rent cold snap as an in­evitable con­se­quence of “Cli­mate Change”.

By the way, I ex­pect Townsville tem­per­a­tures will be sub­stan­tially higher in De­cem­ber. I call this “sum­mer”.


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