Time warp with NBN

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AS I sit here wait­ing for pages to down­load – and the kids’ an­tivirus to up­date – I won­der how our night­mare of a Gov­ern­ment, presided over by some very in­tel­li­gent but dumb peo­ple, man­aged to stuff up the satel­lite NBN so badly.

They kept sign­ing up peo­ple af­ter the ser­vice was fully sub­scribed.

As the ser­vice ca­pac­ity to de­liver fell, they sim­ply set the bar lower.

They came up with a “quick fix” of lim­it­ing peo­ple’s ac­cess across the board, with­out con­sid­er­a­tion for how many peo­ple used a dish or for what pur­pose.

They lied about there be­ing no ser­vice avail­able to ex­pand, in­stead telling the half- truth that the Op­tus sys­tem they were us­ing was full, but ig­nor­ing the Tel­stra sys­tem.

And they are still wait­ing for the new satel­lite to be launched.

But we suf­fer, the ser­vice is about the old dial- up stan­dard at peak times. If you use your lim­ited al­lo­ca­tion, you may as well re­tire hurt. But it’s OK be­cause our es­teemed mem­bers in Can­berra and their ad­vis­ers aren’t af­fected.

Could some­one put the Gov­ern­ment’s com­put­ers on this satel­lite NBN, so some­thing gets done.

Mr Turnbull MP, as Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Min­is­ter, can­not keep blam­ing his pre­de­ces­sor for the prob­lem. It was over­seen by the same bu­reau­crats who are still there.

The Min­is­ter needs to step up with the so­lu­tion, not blame some­one else for the prob­lem.

We have fi­bre op­tic ca­bles that go past – but we are not wor­thy of ac­cess. There are whole towns in that boat.

Coun­try Aus­tralia is tired of be­ing a sec­ond- rate citizen.


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