Wa­ter is­sue a pet for vi­sion­ary

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AGAIN I read with dis­gust “Farm­ers face axe on wa­ter”, ( TB July 13). When are politi­cians go­ing to wake up and se­cure our North­ern wa­ter sup­ply?

Years back I wrote sev­eral letters to David Crisa­fulli, the then mem­ber for Mund­ing­burra, that all politi­cians should have a favourite lit­tle pet is­sue and that it would be help­ful at the bal­lot box if his lit­tle pet was the sec­ond stage of the Bur­dekin Dam, some­thing that Bob Kat­ter has been scream­ing his Akubra cov­ered head off about for decades, and David de­clined to an­swer my letters.

Well, the fi­nal re­sult is that Bob Kat­ter is still there and David is not. I grew up on the Bur­dekin wa­ter­shed and as a boy wit- nessed mil­lions of me­gal­itres of pre­cious fresh­wa­ter, un­mo­lested, hap­pily bub­bling its way to the Pa­cific Ocean. I don’t claim to be an ex­pert on wa­ter con­ser­va­tion but I do claim this one. Would it be a crime to have too much fresh wa­ter?

I will never agree with politi­cians when they say “we don’t need this just yet”. Some years Mother Na­ture sends us a mo­men­tous amount of wa­ter, which we bla­tantly waste, then at the end of the year some poor devil here may face a wa­ter fine for leav­ing their mis­er­able sprin­kler go­ing at the wrong time of the day. Sounds ridicu­lous doesn’t it?



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