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IHAVE suf­fered from mod­er­ate to se­vere asthma most of my life. I now plan/ hope to start a fam­ily. Will my asthma af­fect my preg­nancy or my health or my fu­ture un­born baby’s health? So­nia, Hyde Park ASTHMA

is a con­di­tion that about 10 per cent of peo­ple in Aus­tralia have.

Peo­ple with asthma have sen­si­tive air­ways in their lungs which re­act to trig­gers that make it harder to breathe.

Most peo­ple can lead a nor­mal life once the asthma is con­trolled with med­i­ca­tions.

Pre­ven­ter med­i­ca­tions make the air­ways less sen­si­tive to the trig­gers and re­liever med­i­ca­tions give quick re­lief to asthma symp­toms – wheez­ing, cough­ing and short­ness of breath.

Asthma can get bet­ter, worse or stay the same dur­ing the preg­nancy. The bet­ter the asthma was con­trolled be­fore the preg­nancy, the bet­ter the asthma will stay dur­ing the preg­nancy.

The asthma med­i­ca­tions are safe dur­ing the preg­nancy and the asthma is man­aged the same way as if you were not preg­nant.

As long as your asthma is well- con­trolled, there are min­i­mal risks to your preg­nancy. If your asthma is not con­trolled there are risks to both you and your baby’s health. These in­clude high blood pres­sure and preeclamp­sia, but also low birth weight, growth prob­lems and even death of the baby.

The most im­por­tant thing is to have your asthma con­trolled as best as pos­si­ble be­fore fall­ing preg­nant and keep­ing it well un­der con­trol dur­ing the preg­nancy.

You will have to see your doc­tor or lung spe­cial­ist for this and some­times your med­i­ca­tion will be ad­justed.

The good thing is that the med­i­ca­tion is safe for the preg­nancy and women with well- con­trolled asthma gen­er­ally have nor­mal preg­nan­cies with healthy ba­bies. Re­nee Verkuijl is based at NQ Gy­nae­col­ogy in Townsville and spe­cialises in in­fer­til­ity, gen­eral ob­stet­rics and gy­nae­col­ogy. Con­tact her at NQ Gy­nae­col­ogy on 4772 5059 or go to www. nqgyn. com or www. qfg. com. au

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