Jobs ex­ported with our cat­tle

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EWEN Jones ( TB, 25/ 7/ 2015) claims that those who crit­i­cise the Free Trade Agree­ment with China are racist.

Isn’t it more likely that they are sim­ply con­cerned about the im­pact on lo­cal jobs?

While ex­port­ing one mil­lion cat­tle to China will cre­ate some ad­di­tional jobs, sup­port­ers of this plan would rather peo­ple didn’t think too much about how those jobs plus many more would be cre­ated if these cat­tle were pro­cessed here and beef.

China was al­ready im­port­ing large amounts of boxed beef, worth $ 722 mil­lion in 2013 and the mar­ket was pre­dicted to con­tinue ex­pand­ing. Ac­cord­ing to MLA’s own web­site live cat­tle ex­ports in 2013- 14 were worth $ 1.05 bil­lion, while ex­ports of beef and veal were worth $ 6.45 bil­lion.

We lose jobs and the ex­port in­come made by value adding, when an­i­mals are shipped


as boxed away for pro­cess­ing. Then there is the is­sue of an­i­mal wel­fare. China like the other coun­tries to which Aus­tralian an­i­mals are sent has no laws on an­i­mal wel­fare.

If Ewen Jones ( and our state La­bor mem­bers) were se­ri­ous about ei­ther lo­cal jobs or an­i­mal wel­fare they would be do­ing all they could to en­sure that cat­tle were pro­cessed here.



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