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EX­ACTLY what does ‘ Her­itage List­ing’ mean? I thought it meant to pre­serve and pro­tect the past for fu­ture gen­er­a­tions.

In the small gold min­ing town of Ravenswood, south west of Townsville, the school, orig­i­nal swim­ming pool and sev­eral free stand­ing brick chim­ney stacks, all her­itage listed, are in the way of pro­posed new mine ex­ten­sions.

The mine’s an­swer is sim­ple: shift the school and bull­doze the rest, af­ter all her­itage list­ing only ap­plies to us mere mor­tals, doesn’t it?

If some­thing is deemed to be im­por­tant enough to be her­itage listed in the first place, what makes it sud­denly not so im­por­tant apart from the price of gold?

Shift­ing the school is one thing, a good thing if it will save it but in the grounds there is a map of Aus­tralia built by past stu­dents in cement with cap­i­tal cities marked out. My fa­ther went to that school and he showed it to me when I was a kid. It would be a shame to lose it.

The same with those brick chim­ney stacks. Each one is unique. When they are gone they are gone for­ever. The mine has a life. When they have what they want, they will leave. GLENN EARDMAN, Jensen. MY med­i­cal visit to the Mater Hos­pi­tal was a trau­matic ex­pe­ri­ence ( for me) as with all hos­pi­tal vis­its. I was ready to ‘ es­cape’ out the door and head home a cou­ple of times.

I was ex­tremely im­pressed with all the staff, in­clud­ing the ge­nial and pleas­ant door­man who took me up­stairs and also the at­ten­tion given to me by all staff up­stairs. This was re­ally won­der­ful also as I am only a pensioner. Their ef­fi­ciency and man­ner thank­fully be­gan to al­lay some of my hos­pi­tal fears.

Of course be­ing wheeled fi­nally into the op­er­at­ing room is never fun. How­ever the staff ob­vi­ously sensed my dread also and were all very ef­fi­cient and seem­ingly un­der­stand­ing of an­other ner­vous pa­tient.

Nat­u­rally Dr Kir­wan ( Hazrat­wala) was ex­tremely con­fi­dent also, eas­ing some of my hov­er­ing fears as I waited for the event in there to progress.

Now that I am back home I can look back and think again about the car­ing staff at the Mater and also my day’s treat­ment which I had nat­u­rally mag­ni­fied out of con­text. Thank good­ness for hos­pi­tals and many thanks to those ef­fi­cient and car­ing staff who do their work daily at all hos­pi­tals who prob­a­bly never get any men­tion.

A spe­cial ac­knowl­edg­ment must also go to Dr Kir­wan for his bed­side man­ner and his un­doubted ef­fi­ciency in the op­er­at­ing room. ED­WARD FLETCHER,

West End.

FU­TURE VALUE: the chim­ney stack at the old Grand Junc­tion Con­sol­i­dated mine in Ravenswood.

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