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on from nine years of hit US sit­com How I Met Your Mother, Co­bie Smul­ders knew she wanted to chal­lenge her­self be­yond her best- known role as Robin Scherbatsky. The 35- year- old makes the leap in a risky new Net­flix com­edy, Friends From Col­lege. It’s about a group of col­lege friends who now find they all live to­gether in New York City ... when this group get to­gether they regress be­cause when they went to col­lege it was this re­ally in­tense pe­riod of their lives where they just went wild and did in­ap­pro­pri­ate things and were sleep­ing around and ex­per­i­ment­ing in all different ways. I cer­tainly have friends like that ... you be­come the younger ver­sion of your­self [ who] is a bit more care­free. She’s mar­ried to Ethan and they have been to­gether since col­lege. They are at this point in their lives where they want to have chil­dren and in the mid­dle of the sea­son, they de­cide they are go­ing to do IVF. They go through the process and then things get a lit­tle bit dark. Yes, it’s very adult and dark. There are themes of adul­tery, a lot of drink­ing, in­ap­pro­pri­ate be­hav­iour and a lot of dark mo­ments. I think in life, some­times those mo­ments have the most hu­mour. There’s this awk­ward­ness ... there are th­ese scenes that are so hard to be in and when it’s not your life, you find re­ally hi­lar­i­ous.

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