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Ri­val­ries can be healthy, but you have to tackle chal­lenges as they arise, bury­ing your head in the sand isn’t go­ing to make them go away.

HI Townsville, I’m glad you’ve de­cided to come in for a lit­tle chat. It won’t be an easy con­ver­sa­tion, but some­times just talk­ing about our prob­lems makes them less in­tim­i­dat­ing. Tissue? It’s OK, let it all out.

You don’t mind if I call you Townsville do you?

Yes, I heard the Brownsville tag, but mov­ing for­ward, tell me your story.

Right, right … I see, hmmm, wa­ter, power, that’s no good, oh yes, the South­east Corner, of course they’re a lot big­ger, yes, it can be hard to com­pete.

Cairns? Oh yes, I know her well, and yes, Air­lie too, that’s a long run­ning ri­valry, isn’t it?

Ri­val­ries can be healthy, but you have to tackle chal­lenges as they arise. Bury­ing your head in the sand isn’t go­ing to make them go away.

So let’s start with your strengths. In­cred­i­ble weather? Yes, will­ing work­force; good, in­dus­try and busi­ness, right; so what do you make, what do you pro­duce?

Hmm. So is that the best de­scrip­tion for you?

What about food? Oh back­pack­ers, right, they come here to pick your fruit. Any­thing else? Not re­ally?

Oh, events, OK. So what hap­pens in be­tween th­ese events? Foot­ball, fish­ing and camp­ing? Tourists would love those ex­pe­ri­ences, what’s that, you aren’t a tourist town? Re­ally?

So you don’t think tourists would be in­ter­ested in leav­ing their cold cli­mates to bask in your year- round sun­shine, to camp un­der the stars and snorkel your Strand?

Do you think by fo­cus­ing on the in­dus­tries you’d like to have you’re ig­nor­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties that are right in front of you? Tissue? Sure, help your­self.

So it looks like you might have dug your­self into a bit of a rut. No doubt you’re aware of self­ful­fill­ing prophe­cies, and self­s­ab­o­tage, those buzz­words de­scribe your sit­u­a­tion quite well.

If you con­tinue to think of your­self in a cer­tain way, then this will be­come your re­al­ity. It doesn’t mat­ter if it’s off the mark; if you be­lieve, it be­comes your bound­ary.

If you are con­vinced you are only good for one thing, then it is likely that it will be the only thing you are good at. What, you’re look­ing at flights to Sin­ga­pore?

Well that makes sense, most peo­ple trav­el­ling over­seas need to go via Sin­ga­pore or Dubai, this would be a great way to get things mov­ing.

What about the air­port? Pri­vately owned, col­lects land­ing taxes from each air­craft and high rents from the shops – what, no shops to speak of? How do they ex­pect to make money?

Can you see their at­ti­tude is sim­i­lar to yours? An un­der­wa­ter mu­seum? NOW you’re talk­ing! See how easy it is once you start think­ing in broader terms?

Of course a foot­ball sta­dium counts, and yes, a la­goon, a city ferry ter­mi­nal and a bus ex­change would def­i­nitely help – Townsville, I think you’re get­ting the hang of this!

Now your mind­set is im­prov­ing, just try not to pi­geon­hole your­self, you have so many un­tapped re­sources, time to act on them!

And now our time’s up – see you next week?


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