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of the big­gest cul­tural phe­nom­e­non games of the decade is get­ting a free up­date in a few months.

If you’re won­der­ing which game that is, you can un­fur­row that brow.

It’s Minecraft. If you’re still un­sure what Minecraft is, wow. Just wow.

If you have chil­dren or friends with chil­dren, se­ri­ously just ask them and their faces will light up with joy and it will be you that goes to school.

Now that your cho­sen pint- sized tu­tor is lec­tur­ing you on pig rid­ing and what “the nether” is, you’re prob­a­bly still a be­gin­ner.

One of the big­gest fea­tures of the up­date is the su­per- duper graph­ics pack. It’s ba­si­cally a com­plete vis­ual over­haul that adds 4K ef­fects mak­ing some of the smaller game de­tails look ul­tra- high def. That’s an odd thing to say con­sid­er­ing Minecraft is a game made pop­u­lar for be­ing to­tally com­prised of pix­e­lated blocks.

Ever since Mi­crosoft bought Minecraft for a lu­di­crous sum of money, the com­pany went a di­rec­tion they don’t nor­mally go. In­stead of mak­ing it ex­clu­sive, Minecraft has be­come one of the most ac­ces­si­ble games ever. Pull out your phone, there’s an app for Minecraft.

Pretty much ev­ery gam­ing de­vice will soon fea­ture cross­play, con­nect­ing the servers and worlds of ev­ery­thing. All ex­cept PlaySta­tion, be­cause at the mo­ment Sony En­ter­tain­ment is that old man that doesn’t like it when damn neigh­bour kids tread on his yard. As a PS4 owner, I for one hope this old man sees the er­ror of his ways.

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